Holy Cow, Its December!

Can you believe its actually December?! This year has flown by it seems. Speaking of this year, it was a good one. I have a lot of good memories. For instance, it started off with my cousin/BFF having the worlds most adorable baby on January 1st, then meeting him in February. Then it got better when I got P90X and completed it. I got to be a maid-of-honor in the same cousin/BFF’s wedding. I trained for my first half-marathon and then ran it! Zach and I celebrated our one year anniversary, then found out we were moving back home! And finally, I started a new career path with Sephora, which I am completely happy with.

All in all this year was fantastic, and now I have just one month to make it even better.

I’m taking my time to enjoy these last months we have here in Savannah, and I’m not rushing anything. I want to soak up every run on my paths since I won’t ever run them again. I have one last race here as well on Saturday. The running scene in Savannah is amazing, I am sad to leave my Fleet Feet store. Their employees are wonderful when it comes to shoe fittings and running gear. I know there are more stores, but I’ve grown accustomed to this one.

Even worse, is leaving my Sephora team. I broke the news to them, and lets just say they are finding ways to keep me. Or at least trying to find ways to keep me. The good thing about Sephora is transferring. My boss is amazing, she is teaching me things that can make me grow within the company and help me find that perfect store for when we move.

Also, I’m trying new things this month in regards to workouts. I will have plenty of posts every week giving some ideas on ways to stay fit this month since so many of us will be traveling, or eating, or just the stress making us not want to workout. Not to worry, I will help you with that!

How was your year this year? 

What memories make you smile when you look back on them?

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