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Short Training Weeks and Whole30

This is a collective post of weeks of training. I have had the worst running month in a long time. February was awful. Seriously, the worst. I could barely get in any runs, and the ones I did, I suffered from pain and fatigue. TWO THINGS THAT KILL A RUN.  This post is short and sweet. I have a more in depth post coming up for how I am feeling, but I need to back track a bit.

This particular Sunday, February 21,  I needed 10 miles. I did not make it to 10. I hardly made it to 5. I ended up with 7 and was hurting so bad I was holding back tears with each step. When Zach came to pick me up I just lost it in the truck. I couldn’t stop crying.  It was frustration and pain. My body was not allowing me to run. And when it did, it was short. When I needed it to be a longer time, it was like “no girl, bye” and that was that.

I managed to hide some pain in order to take this picture, but you’ll notice I am sitting down. This was my safe place during those 7 miles. I was 5 miles in and willing to walk 2 miles to finish. I couldn’t get past this horrible run.  I ran slower than I have for 7 miles ever. I finished in 1:18:52, average of 11:16 per mile.

On Valentine’s Day I ran 7 miles and had a blast. Minor abdominal pain and it just felt great. I haven’t had a run like that since.  Seriously. Since February 14th I haven’t had a good run. I’ve either had serious pain or no energy to finish my miles. January 31st is forever burned into my brain as the day my running turned on me. I ran in 1:15:39, average 10:47 and a week later I added about 3 minutes.

Now enter Whole30. Jen from Peanut Butter Runner blogged about this for January. She had fantastic results, and I read hundreds of blogs about this. Everyone had amazing things to say about Whole30. I wanted to try something natural before seeing a doctor, I read that possible IBS is managed by meds, and I want to know if I can do something first.  I read “It Starts with Food” first and it blew my mind. Crazy to know the why behind choosing certain overs, etc. Loved reading that and was getting so excited about the journey on Whole30. I was (and still is) needing relief.

So far I’ve been doing my best to follow this 100%, I’d say I’m about 85%-90% following the rules. I am having less pain after I eat, praise Jesus, and feeling better. But my energy levels are tanking. Each time I run, I am suffering more from fatigue than anything else. I hit the wall each time.

I will have another post coming up, it is mostly about my running and it’ll get pretty raw and emotional. I wanted a Kim K uglying crying picture, but couldn’t bring myself to doing it. But I am laying out all my frustration and disappointment.

Until next time!


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