I’m Brooke, I’m a 27  year old Southern gal. My husband and I got married on October 8, 2011 in Savannah, Georgia.

I once was a Pastry Chef. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Patisserie and Baking in January 2011.

I have a major sweet tooth. I love all things sweet, especially cake. I dream of wedding cakes, find inspiration everywhere and thankfully my new married life is offering me some great cake ideas. I love making cakes for family and special occasions. I used to work at the premier wedding bakery in Savannah. Then was an Operations Consultant with SEPHORA, which was an amazing experience. Now I am the Salon Coordinator at Princeton Salon and Spa. I’m finding I love to be in the beauty industry.

I also love running. I liked running, only because it was a quick exercise and you could lose pounds. I quit all exercise when I graduated high school and never really thought about being healthy until my life changed during my parents divorce. When we moved to Savannah I grew to love running. Running now allows me to have a personal relationship with God. He has been with my through my struggles with injuries, super bad days, and extremely good days as well. I find running to be a healthy activity, not a quick weight loss. Being healthy is very important to me, I enjoy all types of exercise. Especially P90X and yoga. A healthy lifestyle is a way of living for me.

Have a good sweat, enjoy a sweet treat and enjoy the day!


5 thoughts on “About

    • Brooke says:

      Oh that’s wonderful! So happy you came across my little blog 🙂 and yes keep checking in there will be plenty more! Sweets and running are also my main loves, besides my husband lol!

  1. Kaitlyn @ Pain Can Be Fun says:

    Hi Brooke…I just stumbled across your blog and it looks great! I can’t wait to read more! It seems as though we have quite a bit in common…have a great weekend! 🙂

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