Week #2 of Half Marathon Training

I am back! I had to take a total of 11 days off in order to get well and not develop a severe chest cold. I came back full force and had a great week of training! Here is the week 2 recap.

Tuesday was my first day back and I had to run 2 miles. I was like, “this is doable”. Well, the humidity made it a little hard to breathe. I was still coming off from having a cough and chest issues so this was a lot harder than I thought. But I completed it, slowly, but I managed to knock it out without a break.

Thursday I had 3 miles. I ran faster than Tuesday’s run, and I really felt great after this one. I always feel better about my running when I can complete 3 miles without stopping. Am I alone on this? I don’t know what it is about 3 miles, but when I have to take time off I like to accomplish 3 miles and have it be successful. That is weird isn’t it? Anyway, this one was awesome. I finished being a hot, sweaty mess. The wet blanket weather status in ATL has arrived.


Friday I had to open the salon (@9) so I had to get up super early and knock this out. Let me just say, having a time crunch helps me out SO. MUCH. I knew it was going to be fast, but not as fast as it ended up being. I LOVED this run! And of course this ended up being a bun day, ain’t no one got time to wash and dry their hair.

Saturday I opted for sleep. Bad idea, not only was the temperature soaring, the parking lot was packed. I ended up having to park on the road, which I hate. I mean look at this!

My car is behind that yellow traffic light sign. I ran another 3 miles, and my legs were feeling tired by this point of the week. But I kept going, never stopped. I did manage to wash and fix my hair for work afterwards. Ha.

This morning was my “long run” of 4 miles. Now, I was a little nervous about this run. I don’t know why, but it was intimidating me a little bit. I woke up at 7, but didn’t hit the trail until late. The parking lot was again, to the max, but today I scored a spot in the front! YES. Small wins, am I right? I took it slow, my legs were tired. And I was really tired. By the time I got to the turnaround point I was like, “I can’t finish” but I screamed at myself in my head and kept thinking just finish. Such simple words, JUST FINISH. The heat picked up a tad bit, I mean it was just 78 with 100% humidity so I got a little dizzy. I walked about .20 in my last mile. Needless to say I finished, and I was so happy.

I came home, showered, and jumped back in bed to finish sleeping. It was glorious. Zach and I got up around 10 and got some coffee and I was starving so I got some coffee cake. Such a great reward ;)

I ran 15 miles total with a weekly average pace of 11:31, week 2 was great. I am thrilled about it!

Tuesday: 2 miles in 23:58, avg. pace 11:59; (12:10, 11:48)

Thursday: 3 miles in 34:00, avg. pace 11:20; (11:45, 11:17, 10:57)

Friday: 3 miles in 33:08, avg. pace 11:02; (11:21, 11:02, 10:40)

Saturday: 3 miles in 34:32, avg. pace 11:31; (11:50, 11:22, 11:20)

Sunday: 4 miles in 47:00, avg. pace 11:43; (11:59, 11:31, 11:36, 11:47)


I’m Sick so This Isn’t Counting as a Training Week…Right?

Last Friday night I got hit with the worst virus. I started coughing, and it got so much worse over the weekend. Saturday I still worked, but Sunday I pretty much slept all day. Today is another full resting day and this is the most I’ve done so fingers crossed that I can run later this week or start again next week. Ugh I hate getting sick!

Last week I ran twice. This sickness cut my training week way too short. I missed out on 10 miles, that is 3 runs. So lame.

Tuesday I ran 2 miles, kinda at a quick pace for me. It was really hot and I wanted to me done so I was like bust this ish out. No pictures, you’re welcome.

Thursday was my second run of the week, and it was 3 miles. I ran at a steady pace, still faster than norm for me. The heat was intense by 8:30AM. I really don’t understand why my body isn’t getting used to the humidity as this point. Here is the only picture I took, and I swear I was in a good mood!

I was a sweaty mess. That tank top has been such a good investment this summer. It is by Under Armour and the material is strange, but it just feels so light. I love it!


Tuesday: 2 miles @ 11:13 avg. pace

Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:20 avg. pace

So there you have it, my sad week 2 of training that I’m not counting as training because it was so short. Good? Ok, good. Girl bye.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better luck and I can run again!


AJC Peachtree Road Race 2015 

One of my favorite races occurred on Saturday, the AJC Peachtree Road Race! It is an Atlanta tradition and a must do race if you haven’t ran it before.

Unlike last year, I opted to have my bib shipped to me, after the expo experience last year I was not wanting to go back. I get very nervous in large crowds, so the luxury of having it delivered is worth the extra money…even when you forgot that you picked for mail delivery and are surprised to see it. HA.

The AJCPRR is 6.2 miles down Peachtree Road starting in Buckhead and heading into the city, you finish at Piedmont Park. I love this race! Last year the weather was perfect, this year not so much. It was wet. I mean, nonstop rain. Oh and then a thunderstorm popped up during the race.

The night before I got all my running gear together. I wore Oiselle compression shorts, an Old Navy dri-fit tank, Pro Compression socks, Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s, Garmin Forerunner 310XT, and Road ID bracelet.

You can tell the weather was icky. We live about 25 minutes north of Buckhead, so the drive was super easy. No traffic! Such a rarity on 400 ;)  My alarm went off at 5:30, I ate some food and we left by 6:30. Leaving at such a time definitely makes parking a nightmare. We couldn’t find anything like we did last year, so Zach dropped me off and parked at the Sandy Springs MARTA station.

This year I was in corral L. My start time was 8:18 and it was a little delayed, which seemed to be due to the weather. In my corral was   Forrest Gump and someone I’m calling Southern Naked Man. They caused a stir with other runners, they were good sports taking pictures. I just kept thinking, “that is going to chafe and hurt sooooo bad later.” I mean we are running in rain, and just…ahh the pain.

Things I heard in my corral that are worth mentioning: “You know that runner who ran last year? The one that won that big race? You know that one?”  and “Remember that guy named Eb who ran that Boston thing, yeah he ran here last year too.” My heart sank a bit. I so wanted to correct them and say, “oh you mean MEB who won the Boston MARATHON the year after the bombings, yeah him? Yes, he ran last year for charity and did an amazing job!” But I didn’t. Because I am a polite southern belle.

So the rain held off pretty well while we waited, but soon after K left it really started to pour. It was so windy that they took down the American Flag. I was sad that I didn’t get a picture, but the weather definitely was starting to turn sour so they did the right thing. I think everyone was getting really cold because it appeared that everyone started to huddle around everyone else. Finally we were off, and about .5 into the race the first bolt of lightning came into view and not joking, everyone screamed, “OHHHH.” It was right in front of us. I was waiting for officials to pull us off, but it never happened. Other corrals were taken off the course and had to wait for the thunderstorm to pass.

I had no goals in mind for this year. I quickly decided to just run it and be careful, so I stayed behind these two ladies that kept up a good pace. The rain never let up so I was soaked from the beginning. Coming into the first miles I saw Priests with Holy Water, a couple of sprinkler systems, and a fire hydrant going off. Umm it was raining so we didn’t need the extra cool down system ;)

I managed to keep with the ladies until mile 4, which happens right after Piedmont Hospital. I managed to run Cardiac Hill without stopping this year, I call that a win! But the rest of the race was ok. I was slowing down, which is still ok since I wasn’t having a goal. I kept texting Zach to find him, yeah that never happened. I walked in the area that he said he was in so I wouldn’t miss him. We still managed to miss one another. #couplefail but I texted him when I finished and that became the new mission. I was cold, hungry, and wet. But I ran the race a whole minute faster than last year! I was so pumped. And then my excitement turned because  I wanted to get home and find my man, which became another issue because my phone was wet and wouldn’t let me answer his calls. Awesome.

Once we had found each other, we had to walk back to MARTA. It was fun to see the rest of the race and one year I want to watch the elites run. On the trek back home, we got on the wrong train. Yep. Just another delay into getting me happy. Once we finally arrived to the truck, I was like finally. I am really proud of my result. I didn’t plan on having such a good race because my training took a back seat. I feel like my really good races happen in the rain, so from here on out I think I’ll have all my races during monsoons.

Thanks for reading!

Did you run in the PRR? How was your race?


Week #1 of Half Marathon Training 

So we are into another training cycle. I am so excited! Seriously, I haven’t had the training bug in a while so to have it again makes my heart so happy. I’ve picked a fall half marathon, so I have 18 weeks. I usually like 16 weeks, but the idea of having 2 extra weeks actually makes me feel better. I like knowing I have 2 solid weeks of base running.  Here is how my first week of training went.

I ran on Sunday (6/28) to bust out some hill work. It was death. I hated it, no love what so ever. First run was 3 miles.  This run isn’t technically in my training, but I love this picture so I had to include it.

On Tuesday, I had training with Meredith and afterwards I wanted to go bust out a fast mile. The endorphins  from the killer workout must of made me crazy because I ran a  9:58 mile. YYASSS.

Wednesday I ran 3 miles. It felt good, it wasn’t super easy but not super hard either. I pushed myself just enough to feel like I had a great run. And look at the cute frog! These are spray painted all over the trails.

Saturday was the AJC Peachtree Road Race. I was on schedule to run another 3 miles, but I was so excited to run this race. I had another 10K on June 20th that I bombed (slowest 10K race ever) so I actually wanted to have some great result. I will post another entry about this race, because it was that good! I swear! I finished a minute faster than last year, and I ran the entire length of Cardiac Hill. #winning

And yes, I am completely soaked in this picture because I ran in a monsoon.

Sunday was a recovery run. I had 4 miles scheduled, and I really loved this run. It was relaxing minus the heat and humidity that was choking me, but otherwise it was good. I ran super slow, and my legs were still screaming at me. Those Atlanta hills are brutal.

So my training week was something like this (not including the 6/28 run):

Tuesday: 1 mile @ 9:58

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 11:00 average pace

Saturday: Peachtree Road Race 10K @ 11:18 average pace

Sunday: 4 miles @ 11:55 pace

Total: 14.2 miles with total time of 2:41

I am so excited about this training cycle, look forward to more posts!


Silent Sunday

It has been over a month since I last posted. I am still training for the Peachtree, just not as much as I should be. I’m still trying to come out of my running funk. Regardless, here are some pics for my life lately!


I really want a hydration pack.

Drove the super large truck to the trail, its the very last white Tundra. Felt like a beast!

Drove the super large truck to the trail, its the very last white Tundra. Felt like a beast!




5:09 pace to finish. I wanted to be DONE.

5:09 pace to finish. I wanted to be DONE.



After math of a flooded greenway.

After math of a flooded greenway.

Results of running on a flooded greenway.

Results of running on a flooded greenway.

Summer running, it has officially started.

Summer running, it has officially started.

Have a great Sunday!


9 Weeks of Training For The Peachtree

I have taken nearly 2 weeks off from running and it was incredibly needed. Normally after a race, I rest for a week at the max and start training just to maintain my fitness level, but this time was different. I was really disappointed by my last half marathon. However I knew I wasn’t going to have a stellar race. And with that I was ok about my effort, but no one likes to see a bad finish time. So I took the time off to rest and it was glorious. Now I am ready to start back and really put the proper effort into this training cycle.

I am starting my training for my 2nd Peachtree Road Race, and last year I had a fantastic time running it…my “race time” not so great. I learned a lot from that race. Like 1) not to eat nearly 4 hours prior and not have a single bite afterwards before you begin 6.2 miles 2) to not get to caught up and run 9:00-9:30 min miles for the first 3 miles and get hit with extreme fatigue as you’re running up a freaking large hill 3) have a crying fit at mile 5 and demand food because you didn’t eat accordingly and ate 4 hours before your start time. I really learned to not eat so early before a race because all 3 of the statements above resulted from that!

I will be trying my best to blog each week about my training. I am not promising I will be great at it, but I’ll be trying!

And I’ll leave you with the biggest ham picture every taken at a race:


I saved a lot of energy during the last bits of the race just to be able to get up the last hill and take a good picture!

So here is to summer racing and training!


Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon Recap and How I Was Humbled

Saturday I ran in the 2nd Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon, and I’ll just go ahead and let you know it was not my best time. I was slow, in fact out of all 4 I’ve ran in, this comes in at #3 for slowest time.

I will be the first to say I did not take any of this training cycle seriously, if I had I could of done a lot better. I was lazy, and I’m talking like going a good couple of days up to a week of not running. I started out strong when I first started a plan, and somewhere around February I just gave up. My papa had passed 2 months prior, and my uncle passed at the end of January, and my work picked up and I got overwhelmed. I was exhausted nearly everyday, I could sleep at any given time. For a while I was worried, but I realized my running wasn’t helping me feel better. So I cut a lot of it out, but still “training” for a race in April. I managed to run a month’s worth of miles in 16 weeks. Bad, that is very bad. And with all of that, I was humbled on Saturday. I now know I can’t just think I can run long like I could last fall, it takes effort and dedication, and a lot of time. Here is my recap and my motivation to run better.

Saturday I woke up at 5:20, and for a brief second I couldn’t remember why I set my alarm. Ha. I ate a bagel and drank a bottle of water, and while I was eating I watched some YouTube. At 6, I was ready to get dressed, but instead I got too comfy on the couch and finally got ready at 6:20. Once dressed and ready I got to the park around 6:30. I am loving the fact that I live so close to my favorite parks and trails. Packet pick was a breeze, super easy. The race swag bag was better than last year.


I have missed Shot Bloks and that tiny Clif Bar is so cute! At 6:45 I stood in an already kinda long line for the bathroom, and once I was set I just waited in the car. I was alone for this race, which is strange for me. At long distance races I usually have my family, but this didn’t happen. The course is a little difficult to have people watching so I told them not to come. The rain held off and it was cloudy, the temperature felt great.

We started at 7:30 and everything felt great. Honestly, the first mile was pretty awesome. I  didn’t pay attention to my pace, I just went by feel the entire time. The sun came out for a brief second and then disappeared, and then really came out and made the portion to the first turnaround incredibly hot and humid.


Those little specks are runners, I have the best photography skills ever. So there is always puddles on the greenway after a lot of rain, and like last year there is a MAJOR one that is deep. Everyone, I mean everyone in front of me was walking around it and taking too much time. Not this girl, I ran straight through it. I don’t have time to waste to miss some water. I even screamed at them, “you’re going to get wet anyway.” I swear I am the nicest runner, HA. I took water at the aid stations, took a gu at mile 5. And I was golden up till mile 7.

Running through those puddles left me with a pain I know all too well. Freaking blister. I didn’t want to look and see how bad it was, but I was having a lot of pain so I walked a lot. At mile 8.5 I finally took a look, and yep, it was bad. Wasn’t a blood blister thank goodness, but still. Ugh I hate them! I walked a ton, my body wasn’t trained to run this and I knew that going in.  Nonetheless I finished. I ran the very last bit because I wasn’t going to give up. I finished in 2:41:03. I could of finished in 2:30 if I hadn’t of gotten a blister and if I had trained, but it didn’t happen and that is ok.


I do love this race, I really do. And this race totally beat me down, it made me aware on how much I need to work on. I have dreams for the fall, and I’m really going to tackle them. In the mean time I will be training for my best 10K for the AJC Peachtree Road Race. So cheers to an ok half marathon and training for a summer race!




How To Not Train For a Half Marathon

I have a race this weekend that I was supposed to train for about 16 weeks ago. It if was a 5K or 10K, I wouldn’t be concerned or worried. Buutttt…its a half marathon. Yep, it is a tad longer than either one of those distances. FML. Now, I know most normal people would be like, “yeah, I’m not ready so I’m going to be smart and not run or race because I’m not ready” however I’m just doing the opposite. I am still running the race, however I will not be pushing myself  in this race. So no PR dreams for me, unless by some miracle I can do that with no proper training.

My last 5 runs have been ok, like I mean just ok. Nothing praiseworthy or even confidence boosting. I can see myself making a mistake by doing this, but I’m not a quitter.


I have been running on the trail for almost every run, I got a little too used to the treadmill and my race is on my favorite route, the greenway. So I figured as long as I can get used to outdoor running, I should be fine. But I still had one run on the ‘ole mill.


I haven’t ran on the treadmill a lot because ITS BEHIND THE TV. Gotta love apartment living.


Yes, I ran in tights in April. It was a little chilly one morning, but nothing to worry about. By the end of the run I was sweating like crazy. Still a great 6 miles.  Average pace 12:03.

Then, the next morning for Easter I busted out 8 miles. I did have a good run, the weather was perfect. My pace was faster than Saturday, at 11:59 per mile. Woohoo! Miss Speedy over here.


Oh man that picture is beautiful. I love running the boardwalks. I didn’t a lot last week, only once. It was hot at 7PM and pollen was clouding the air.


I set out for 7, but the muggy weather wouldn’t allow me to push through it. I did finish very tired, and sweaty. And coated in yellow.

I may or may not run sometime this week, and I’m sure I should. But this time around I am not having any lofty goals, only one. That is to finish. I don’t care if I walk or run the whole race, I am finishing. And then I will start my training plan. My schedule will be a little more set, I won’t be moving runs around so much. The next training cycle will definitely be more serious.

Ok, that is it. A post about being lazy with training and running and attempting a half marathon  with practically zero training. This will be fun!



MealEnders: The Antidote For Overeating Review

Thanks to Sweat Pink aka Fit Approach, I had the opportunity to try out MealEnders. They are an appetite suppressant that have natural ingredients. I love trying new products, especially ones that are targeted towards your overall health and well being. I know I for one can binge eat on any given day, typically on one of my off days and non-running days. The great things about the MealEnders is that for 1. they taste great and 2. they fizz. They fizz? Yes! I know you were asking that when reading that statement. With the sensation of fizz, it is allowing your body to send signals that you are ingesting food. That can sound somewhat sketchy, but trust me it is not.


MealEnders is not a gimmick product that you see on commercials for weight loss. They are a product that you want to take when you are starting to feel hungry. Once the MealEnders dissolves, you can eat and eat less than you normally would. That is what I loved about these.

Their “How To” is this:
•At the end of a meal to replace dessert.
•When you feel the urge to finish a large plate of food, just because it’s there.
•When you crave a second helping, but don’t feel hungry.
•When you want to snack on junk food between meals.

•Identify your moment of temptation and instead of dessert, another helping, or a snack, enjoy a Signaling Lozenge.
•Savor the lozenge; allow to completely dissolve. No chewing or biting!
•Feel the active taste sensations cleanse the palate and stimulate both your mouth and mind, giving your brain time to realize you’ve had enough to eat.
•For best results, use consistently and combine with a healthy lifestyle.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part. They taste amazing! All the flavors have a yogurt-like coating, and once that melts you are basically eating a hard candy. So much better than taking something gross and foul tasting. My favorite was Chocolate Mint. It was like eating candy. Mocha was also pretty tasty.

I honestly saw a difference in my eating habits, but I didn’t see an overall drastic change. I think if you really want to lose weight, you’ll need a lifestyle change. But if you find yourself constantly overeating or having a binge fest, this can potentially help you. I found that I could take one, and about 10 minutes later eat my meal and not over indulge. I could feel myself getting fuller faster, and not having to finish my food feeling overstuffed. I did try this as full meal substitute, and I didn’t have success with that. I felt hungry after 15 minutes. The best results for me were when I ate it before eating a meal.

If you want to try MealEnders, I would recommend it. I never felt like I was harming my body, or feeling jacked up like some products can cause. Again, this isn’t a quick weight loss product, that requires lifestyle changes.

I hope this helps anyone looking for an alternative product to help reduce appetite that is more natural than most out in the market today.

DISCLAIMER: All reviews are my own. Product was supplied by Fit Approach, Sweat Pink. MealEnders did not endorse me for a product review, nor did Fit Approach.

When Life Changes

Last week I posted how I was going to have my highest mileage week ever. That didn’t happen. And I am not upset about it. My life has been going in so many wrong directions, nothing with my marriage or my work, just my family. I lost another family member, my uncle last week. Tuesday was the day he was admitted to ICU, Saturday he passed at hospice. Tuesday as I was leaving the hospital and walking to my car, I almost lost it. I was so angry. Mad at God, disappointed that my family was going to be put through this pain again, 7 weeks to the day after my Papa passed. And as I was about to scream, this gorgeous sunset captured my mind instead. I felt this overwhelming sensation that everything was going to be ok. I couldn’t be mad, my uncle has suffered from pain and cancer for the last 10 years. This was a sign that he would soon be welcomed back with my Papa and feel whole again. This one beautiful sunset just clicked for me.


It is strange to find beauty in a parking deck at a hospital. Saturday when our family had the chance to say our good-byes and see my uncle one last time, I was heartbroken and happy. When my Papa passed, it was sudden. I mean, he was talking and then stopped. He suffered a major heart attack that took him in a second, my uncle however had to depend on machines and nurses for his last days. I personally think it is much more difficult to say good-bye when you are watching your loved one suffer and know they don’t want this.

Tuesday at my Granny’s as we were browsing through everything, I snuck into my Papa’s room and found a photo album full of pictures. And I found this one. This one made me so happy I couldn’t let it go.


Love at first sight. I miss him daily.

This is the first time I am typing all of this up and it is very emotional. Memories are flooding me and it is hard to pick one and cherish it for a brief second. I was never ready to type about my Papa, but now I am stable enough to share. And I’m glad I can, it is healing.

Now to to happier things! This is a new week, but in the sadness of last week, there were some pretty funny and random things.

Like somehow when you tell the people at Starbucks that your name is Brooke, they write Jerry.


Or is that Lerry?

I got some new member swag from Atlanta Track Club. I finally renewed my membership and this year we got hats. Cool beans, I love running hats so this made me extremely happy.


And finally I couldn’t wait to post this. I loved the commercial from the Super Bowl about #likeagirl

The moment on social media is so awesome and inspiring. I couldn’t wait to partake and share my photo!


From my Instagram (@brookenebel)

#likeagirl : I run like a girl; strong, determined, never-stopping, and never giving up. I can run with pain, joy, and happiness all in a single run. I cherish my trophies such as tan lines and bad feet, along with the medals that I hang up for everyone to see. I run like a girl.