Life. It’s Busy.

Life. Funny how it can get super busy. That has been my struggle with this blog lately. I’m on the fence about it, I want to continue with it, but then I don’t. I love having the space to share, but it is constantly on the back burner. I need to schedule time for it. I just wanted to share that information. We shall see what happens.

So remember how I was training for my half marathon? I wanted to run a 2:20. Well October 31st came and went. I ran a 2:22. My stats are different on official results, but the official results are not correct. The race organizers made a HUGE mistake with timing chips, so they are getting everyone as close to the times as to what they finished. Mine has yet to be changed. Anyway, it was a good, hard race. I loved every step until mile 9. I kept my pace on track and was ahead of my time which of course made my heart explode with happiness. But an annoying discomfort pain became a full on “I’m sure there is now a stress fracture with my ankle.” It was bad. I saw my dream PR slowly slip away at mile 10. Regardless it was a great race, I put so much effort into my training and actual race day that I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved the course. If you want to run the Silver Comet Half Marathon, do it! It is flat and gorgeous. Zach snapped this praise worthy finish photo. I’m in love with it!

In other news, I have dived into my work head first and reading a ton of books. Legit our house looks like Barnes and Noble. Anything related to customer service, self help, etc. is currently in my possession. I love it. This book, Strengths Finder 2.0 is fantastic! It is crazy to find out your strengths and what you could follow on with your life. I got Restorative as my #1 strength, which is great if you want to be in a customer service industry, like working in a salon. Love it! Also love the Compound Effect.

Random, but I cannot stop eating these. I seriously cannot get enough of them. Kroger has a deal of like 3 of $5 or 2 for $3 and I get that many each time. One bag lasts a day. They’re that good! Get them, but not all of them so I can get my bags too ;)

Also, Clemson is #1 for ACC and 10-0! WOOHOO!

There is my life lately. I am in my second round of training for another half marathon in January. This is week 2 and so far not starting out great. Feel slightly under the weather today, but it’ll be ok. Hope all is well for you today!



How are y’all? I hope well. I’ve been uber busy and cray cray so I haven’t updated as much as I’d like. I have my half marathon in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS!!! I’m super excited/nervous/scared/happy about it. I have a pretty hefty goal for this race, and I’ve put in as much effort and gut as I could. So fingers crossed it goes accordingly.

I did a track workout. It was intense! I had to document every step for proof. I wore my new lululemon long sleeve, which is incredibly different than the tanks. Like I felt kinda constricted, but I didn’t mind it. It just took some time getting used to it.

1 mile warm up, then 5 repeats of 800m at 9:30-9:40 pace, 3 minutes recovery, 1 mile cool down. I finally figured out how to lap my 800m’s and it was so much easier to track. Ha, I swear I’m not a techie.  I averaged 8:59-9:20 for my 800m and it was awesome! I couldn’t believe it!

Love the track!

I then ran some long miles. I ran 8 the week prior, so this time I ran 9. It was a little hard at first, I struggled a bit. But it was a gorgeous run. Until I ran into a mud puddle. Kinda bummed  me out! The fall leaves made up for it though.

Came home and immediately did some research on how to clean your shoes without a washing machine and dryer. Just soaked them in warm water, used a shoe cleaning stick, and bam! clean as a new pair. Score!   (and yes, I have been running in the insoles and not my SuperFeet blue ones, these haven’t caused an issue so hopefully it stays the same :)

And last week I turned 27. Woohoo!  I had a great birthday, and I’m truly blessed to have such great family and friends.  That highlight be on fleek.

So hopefully these last 2 weeks in training so really well! I did take today as a rest day and will do my long run of 10 miles Wednesday. Everything feels like SOS miles (something of substance) at this point, but I do have one last speed workout and 2 long runs, then some filler miles. Thanks for reading!


I Don’t Know What Week Im in For Training, But Here is A Long Recap

I’m that terrible blogger that only blogs like once a month. I’m sorry! I always try to get back on track with my blog, but life gets in my way. I have never stated this before, but I love my job and I value how hard I work, and when I have off time I throughly enjoy my off time. I don’t want to work on this blog all the time, and I know I probably shouldn’t have it if I feel it as a burden. However, my blog isn’t a burden, it is something I put on the back burner until I have the will to come to it. That can change, or it could continue.

Anyway, enough adult talk. I seriously don’t know  what week I am training in. But I know I have like 5 weeks left before my race. This is a post packed full of pictures. Enjoy!

I ran 10 miles at the beginning of September, and this was my first double digit run of this training plan. I was so excited! I finished under 2 hours, that is huge for me. I know it is still slow, but that was a good time for me. I averaged 11:39.

I ran some speed work on the treadmill, I was a little excited to get back on my treadmill. I enjoy running anything that requires me to push my pace, because 1. it gets my pace correct and 2. I can step off if I’m about to die.  This was on 9/9 at it was 6 miles, 1 mile warm up and 4 miles at 10: 50, 1 mile cool down. I averaged 11:07. I stretched afterwards, and rested on the belt. It was hot and felt so good!

Yes I am that pale, but also thanks to the awesome lighting in our apartment.

I ran 10 miles again on 9/13. My Garmin died as it was finding satellites so I had to use my stopwatch on the phone. Now, I was concerned if my distances would be accurate so I made sure to start at the exact starting point and lap myself at each mile marker sign. This could be a little off, but I followed my gut and I ran my FASTEST 10 mile long run ever! Y’all, I was flying!  I averaged 10:49, 10:49! I need to run a 10:41 or faster for my entire 13.1 miles so this was exciting for me.

Ran in my new lululemon hat that I bought for my race. Which, I love. I wore pretty much all lululemon on this run, I just realized. HA! I love the hydration pack y’all. I cannot believe how awesome it is.

This is how excited I was, can’t even tell I just pushed my body to a hard limit for 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Last Tuesday I had the best day at work so I had to run and make it an even better day and busted out a fast 3 mile run. Don’t know what got into me last week, I was running fast. Not complaining!

Sunday, oh Sunday. This was 9/21 and my plan had 11 miles on schedule. This was not a good run. I took a new supplement before hand because a lot of people rave about it for long distance runners. My body did not like it. I was running fast, but my breathing was so labored and my heart rate was so high that I had to cut this short and only run 8 miles. I had the worst headache afterwards too. At 4 miles I had to break for like 10 minutes. That never happens to me, not that soon into a run. So I listened to my body and did a run that felt good and distance that was doable. You have to know when you can, and when you cannot. This was a cannot, but lets do what I can.

I still ran fast, and again another run under 11:00 minute miles. I averaged 10:58. I wish I had finished those 11 miles, and I kept telling myself I could run those last 3, but I knew I’d be making a mistake.

This was the last humid run, I was drenched and couldn’t believe how hot it felt. But it could of been the beta-alanine I took beforehand.

There you go. I’m done. Sorry for the long post! But I will be making more effort, I promise. I’ve got a little time left before my race and I am driving myself mad with trying to get this goal of a 2:20 or better half marathon.

Thanks for reading!


My Favorite Post Workout Snacks

As a reader, you know I love food. I love all types of food, especially sweets, but sometimes you cannot eat your absolute favorite foods after a tough workout. The thought of ice cream after a long run makes my stomach churn (but low-fat chocolate milk sounds heavenly ;) )

A lot of people grab whatever they can find, but that isn’t necessarily the best. Now in no means am I a registered dietitian or nutritionist. But I do know what works for me, and it could possibly work for you.

So what are the right snacks to eat post workout? Keep reading and you can get some ideas!

  1. I love something nutritious that is easy to get ahold of and that you can drink super quick. —-> LOW-FAT CHOCOLATE MILK! I know, it sounds weird, but the milk has a more equal balance of electrolytes than a sports drink and less sugar so it is better for you.


2. Grabbing the Protein Bistro Box from Starbucks is also a healthy post workout snack. It contains a high amount of protein –> 13 grams!  That is awesome for some quick, post recovery food. And it tastes delicious.

3. If you have time to make a post workout snack, try making  trail mix. has an amazing inventory of all kinds of snacks. They offer organic, raw, sugar-free, and gluten-free snack options.  One of my favorite things to grab is trail mix. It tastes delicious, and its super quick. has a ton of options to purchase from, even an option to customize your own trail mix. They also offer a healthy snacks page with a ton of ideas!

A quick recipe for me is this:

1 cup dried fruit, think like pineapples or papayas (or both, yum!)

1 cup granola

1 cup cashews

1 cup almonds

1 cup coconut flakes

Mix it all up and enjoy!

4. Protein drink or bar. This is self explanatory, but it really is a great post work snack choice. I love drinking a chocolate protein shake, and Quest bars are hands down the best protein bar around! I love having both as an option so I don’t get burnt out on one or the other.


5. Jerky. Yes, jerky is a fantastic source of protein after a workout. It can really give you a boost of energy. Trying to find a healthier one can become a challenge, but does offer jerky!

I once ate an entire bag of beef jerky after an 18 mile long run, oh man did it hit the spot.

Grabbing something post workout is incredibly important, you need to refuel and replenish what you just depleted from your body. Making sure you’re grabbing the right thing is just as important! I hope this helps with your future snacking!

***This is not a sponsored post from, but this post was done in collaboration to share some healthier, post-workout recovery snacks.***



Week #5 and #6 of Half Marathon Training and Some Random Stuff

I’ve been super busy and unable to post as much as I’d like, so here are the past weeks of my half marathon training. Now there are not a lot of runs, life has gotten hectic. But I’m making sure to get the crucial runs in.

Saturday, 8/15 I ran 4 miles. I ran slower than usual because I was tired. I didn’t get a picture, it was lack-luster. Hey, not every run can be spectacular right?

That Sunday (8/16) however, I had my first long-ish run of 8 miles. I love getting past the 6 mile mark. This is my favorite, long distance running. So Sunday I was giddy.  I took it a little more conservatively because I was still a little tired from the week. I did run  the second half quicker than the first 4 miles. Gotta take the small wins!

My run did create a beautiful rat’s nest in my ponytail. Brushing that out was fun. This is the last long run I’ve done on a Sunday! These past 2 weeks it has been rainy and icky on the weekends so it’s making my training a little bit more challenging to schedule it around my work schedule.

Sunday I recovered with Vega’s Recovery Accelerator. I forgot how much I love the taste of these, but the last gulps are hard to get down. Just being honest.

I finally found the Swedish Fish gum a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been loving it. Swedish Fish are one of my favorite fuels for running.

Zach went and visited him mom one weekend and came across one of his first magazine appearances.   I love the caption! “Could this rookie rider be DK’s Robbie Miranda’s future teammate? Only time will tell.” He looks so cute!

Getting into week 6 I was coming off of week 5 with 2 runs. That is great right? I’m taking this training season with great commitment  ;)

On Wednesday, (8/19)  I had speed work on schedule, and being honest I hate 400 repeats. Like, hate them. I just dislike any and all speed work in general. But hey, if you want to achieve a dream you’ve gotten do all the work. So I was on schedule for 1 mile warm up, 12 x 400, 400 recovery jog in between each, and 1 mile cool down. Well, I was getting into the 3rd 400 repeat and hating life. Like I couldn’t get my speed under control, I kept running too fast and not the times I needed. So this other runner was on the track and I could tell she was running the same distance, so finally I asked her if she was doing 400 repeats, and her answer was yes, wanna join me? Now 1. I usually don’t talk with other people when I’m running and 2. I was legit terrified.

I bit the bullet and said yes, and afterwards she tells me her pace. 7:40. My head could of exploded. I don’t run that fast. Like I would love to, and probably could run at that speed in a good couple of years, but right now…yeah, nope. I couldn’t back out, so we agreed I would “try” to keep up with her. She only had 3 more repeats left so I stuck it out with her.

No joke, I thought my lungs were exploding. I managed to run about 4 seconds behind her. NOT BAD. Oh, and we didn’t have any recovery jogs. She gave great advice, she just wants to get the hard part over and done with, and then really recovery with a thorough cool down. I was game for whatever. I ran in total 3.35 miles in 30 minutes. That is legit speed work for me.

During one of those sessions I ran a 7:36 mile. I RAN A 7:36 MILE!!! :)

Now, I know that was not the correct workout, but I didn’t and still don’t care. I felt like I put in more work and effort on this than I would of with my own work out. The one downfall was I didn’t get her name or info! I was so thankful for her that I forgot in the moment to get her basic information. I hope to see her at the track again so she can teach me some true speed.

My next run of that week was again, Wednesday on 8/26. I ran 9 miles. I ran 9 perfect miles and I wish every single run would feel that good. The rain finally left (even though it is back today) and the trail wasn’t flooded. The weather, OMG the weather was perfect. It felt like fall. I came across a craw-dad who was very defensive.


Sorry for the photo quality, my phone was in a protective sleeve.

I ran my fastest 9 miles ever. I couldn’t believe it. Everything just clicked.


But burning almost 1000 calories can definitely make you hangry real quick, so I had to hit up somewhere for food. Thankfully there is a Starbucks right around the corner from our home. I grabbed my favorites,


I love the protein box. It always fills me up, and I added back the low-fat chocolate milk for a post run recovery drink. This just hit the spot!

So there you have it. My ridiculous long post about 2 weeks of training that don’t make sense in terms of weeks. I know, but I’m working around my life as best as I can. But this week I am in week 7, and hopefully for September it’ll be back to my normal training schedule.

Week 5:

8/15: 4 miles in 46:04, avg. 11:31 (12:08, 11:23, 11:22, 11:09)

8/16: 8 miles in 1:33:01, avg. 11:37 (12:15, 11:44, 11:46, 11:28, 11:25, 11:44, 11:27, 11:07)

Week 6:

8/19: 3.35 miles in 30:55, avg. 9:14 (warm up 1 mile, 2 X 400 repeats with 400 recovery jogs, then 3 x 400 with no recovery jogs, 200 sprint, 400 recovery) (10:42, 9:08, 7:36, .35 @ 10:02)

8/26: 9 miles in 1:39:48, avg. 11:05 (11:51, 11:15, 11:25, 11:06, 11:01, 10:56, 10:55, 10:48, 10:27)


Week #4 of Half Marathon Training 

Week 4 was good (sorry I’m posting so late) and I managed to have some great paces. But my Sunday run was a little iffy <—more on that later.

Tuesday was a good 5 miles. I took it easy and just enjoyed the run.


Thursday I had 3 miles. The weather was a little gloomy. I was waiting for it rain, thankfully it didn’t. So I had a great running time. I brought a lot of brightness to the dreary weather.


Saturday was another 3 miles. Now, I was supposed to run Friday, but I skipped it. It wasn’t in the cards for me, sleep was. I swear every week I have missed a run because I need more sleep. So Friday night it rained, and the trail was wet. Wet broad-walk with tons of wet leaves make it a little challenging. I ran a lot slower.


Sunday was 6 miles. I was pumped about this run. I miss the longer runs and am so excited about getting back to those numbers. I started out great, had some awesome paced miles and then BOOM! Pain in my left hamstring. It started to ache 5 miles in, so it wasn’t the whole time which I am happy about. But it caused me to stop and stretch a lot. It felt like a cramp that wouldn’t loosen up. But it hurt to walk too. I ran a lot slower in the last mile, enough to where it didn’t hurt. For the rest of the day though, my hamstring ached. So with that being said, I haven’t ran since Sunday. I’m icing and resting. I will run again tomorrow morning (week 5 might be a short one :/  )


OMG and the weather was HOT. I was dying. Thankfully I brought my water. FYI: I only bring water and food on runs longer than an hour. I finished when the temps were 88°, I started when it was 76°. That is how hot GA is right now, it jumped 12° in a hour. I did start a little later than I wanted though, I was lounging on the couch with Zach instead of getting dressed, etc. Finally he was like, “you need to get out before its too hot.” I think he just wanted me to go so he could ride his motorcycle ;)

So week 4 was good! Like I said, I had some great times. Total of 17 miles, total time running 3:12.

8/4: 5 miles in 56:26, avg. 11:22 (11:57, 11:19, 11: 18, 11:08, 11:10)

8/6: 3 miles in 33:13, avg. 11:04 (11:13, 10:51, 11:08)

8/7: 3 miles in 34:36, avg. 11:31 (11:57, 11:27, 11:08)

8/8: 6 miles in 1:07:26, avg. 11:14 (11:30, 11:09, 11:06, 11:08, 11:04, 11:28 <-when my leg hurt)


Week #3 of Half Marathon Training

Week 3 was a great one. I had a great training week and now I’ll give you the recap.

On Tuesday I ran 4 miles. I wanted this to be a little faster than the Sunday run and I managed to do that. But don’t let that 6:39 pace fool you, this was like the very last .01 of my run. HA. I would love to run at that speed though.

Is that not a gorgeous picture?! I love the Greenway. And waking up super early to run here is so worth it.

Thursday was my next scheduled day and again, 4 miles. However, I was not planning on running faster that I did. I went off by feel. And I guess I was feeling great because I held on to an 11:00 minute average pace. I remember when this was a slow pace for me, and now its a faster pace. Funny how life changes. I don’t mind running slower, I just like running longer.

I skipped Friday morning, Now, I know that is wrong when training. But first let me tell you, I needed the extra hour of sleep. It was only 4 miles on schedule and I decided to miss out on those 4 miles. You have got to listen to your body!

Saturday I ran a little bit longer, I was on schedule for 4 miles and had 5 on Sunday so I wanted to see if I could handle the extra distance. So 4.5 miles meant I could run an extra half mile the next day. I know, so weird.

Sweaty Saturday Selfie. Yet I looked dry as a bone, but trust me I was not. Hot mess express now boarding. Ha.

Sunday was my longest run in weeks, 5 miles. I was so excited. I knew I could run it, because you know I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday. The weather was great. Last week we had a couple of great mornings with low humidity and not so hot temperatures. It felt like fall.

I swear the Greenway is the prettiest place north of ATL. It is a hidden gem. The trail is built on wet lands and half of it is over a swamp, or at least I think it is a swamp. It definitely smells like one. I will miss all the greenery when fall and winter comes. So I’m soaking it up as much as I can right now.

After my run, I headed home and went to Sephora for their VIB Rouge event, which was meh. I came back and showered and jumped in bed for more sleep. Nope, Zach woke up like 2 minutes after. So I needed some caffeine if we weren’t going to sleep anymore, Starbucks it was.

Yes, I needed something large to keep me going for the rest of the day. Iced caramel macchiato with raspberry. So good. So needed.

Week 3:  17.5 miles, total hours running 3:18

7/28: 4 miles in 46:18; avg. 11:33 (12:06, 11:34, 11:29, 11:05)

7/30: 4 miles in 44:01. avg. 11:00 (11:32, 10:58, 10:47, 10:45)

8/1: 4.53 miles in 51:41, avg. 11:24 (12:02, 11:34, 11:10, 11:10, .53 @ 10:48)

8/2: 5 miles in 56:36, avg. 11:19 ( 12:03, 11:21, 11:05, 11:18, 10:48)


First Word That Comes to Mind

Janae over at The Hungry Runner Girl listed a fun game, so I loved it so much that I thought I’d share. I’ll share a running term and tell you the first word(s) that come to mind.

The long run. ________________   Amazing and torture at the same time.

Carb-loading. ________________  Wonderful excuse to eat all the food.

Marathon. __________________ Life-changing moment!

Finish line. ________________ HEAVEN.

A beautiful new pair of running shoes. __________________ HEAVEN X2!

Injuries. _______________ (please avoid using swear words;) The devil.

Speedwork. _____________ Death in a form of running. 

Summer running. ___________  Georgia heat and humidity. 

Winter running. _____________ My favorite running season!

Hill workouts. ______________ Avoid them like the plague.

GU. _________________ Salted caramel is my jam.

The treadmill. _______________ Necessary sometimes, haven’t ran on mine in months.

Hitting the wall. _______________ The worst.

Foam rolling. ________________ Avoid at all costs.

Dream race. _________________ New York City Marathon.

Trail running. ________________ My happy place!

Early morning run. _______________ Ugh, struggle bus central but I love it.

Night running. _________________ Don’t do it.

5k. _________________ Super speed and full sprint for 3.1 miles.

Chaffing. _______________ It happens to the best of us.

Tempo. __________________ Only in training.

Personal Record. _______________ In distance, 26.2 miles and proud of it!

Post-race or long run food. ______________ Donuts. 

Running friends. _____________________ The blog world! 

My running motivation. ____________________ To be healthy, to be a long distance runner forever, and to eat all the candy.  

Now it is your turn! Leave me the first word that comes to mind for a couple or all!


Week #2 of Half Marathon Training

I am back! I had to take a total of 11 days off in order to get well and not develop a severe chest cold. I came back full force and had a great week of training! Here is the week 2 recap.

Tuesday was my first day back and I had to run 2 miles. I was like, “this is doable”. Well, the humidity made it a little hard to breathe. I was still coming off from having a cough and chest issues so this was a lot harder than I thought. But I completed it, slowly, but I managed to knock it out without a break.

Thursday I had 3 miles. I ran faster than Tuesday’s run, and I really felt great after this one. I always feel better about my running when I can complete 3 miles without stopping. Am I alone on this? I don’t know what it is about 3 miles, but when I have to take time off I like to accomplish 3 miles and have it be successful. That is weird isn’t it? Anyway, this one was awesome. I finished being a hot, sweaty mess. The wet blanket weather status in ATL has arrived.


Friday I had to open the salon (@9) so I had to get up super early and knock this out. Let me just say, having a time crunch helps me out SO. MUCH. I knew it was going to be fast, but not as fast as it ended up being. I LOVED this run! And of course this ended up being a bun day, ain’t no one got time to wash and dry their hair.

Saturday I opted for sleep. Bad idea, not only was the temperature soaring, the parking lot was packed. I ended up having to park on the road, which I hate. I mean look at this!

My car is behind that yellow traffic light sign. I ran another 3 miles, and my legs were feeling tired by this point of the week. But I kept going, never stopped. I did manage to wash and fix my hair for work afterwards. Ha.

This morning was my “long run” of 4 miles. Now, I was a little nervous about this run. I don’t know why, but it was intimidating me a little bit. I woke up at 7, but didn’t hit the trail until late. The parking lot was again, to the max, but today I scored a spot in the front! YES. Small wins, am I right? I took it slow, my legs were tired. And I was really tired. By the time I got to the turnaround point I was like, “I can’t finish” but I screamed at myself in my head and kept thinking just finish. Such simple words, JUST FINISH. The heat picked up a tad bit, I mean it was just 78 with 100% humidity so I got a little dizzy. I walked about .20 in my last mile. Needless to say I finished, and I was so happy.

I came home, showered, and jumped back in bed to finish sleeping. It was glorious. Zach and I got up around 10 and got some coffee and I was starving so I got some coffee cake. Such a great reward ;)

I ran 15 miles total with a weekly average pace of 11:31, week 2 was great. I am thrilled about it!

Tuesday: 2 miles in 23:58, avg. pace 11:59; (12:10, 11:48)

Thursday: 3 miles in 34:00, avg. pace 11:20; (11:45, 11:17, 10:57)

Friday: 3 miles in 33:08, avg. pace 11:02; (11:21, 11:02, 10:40)

Saturday: 3 miles in 34:32, avg. pace 11:31; (11:50, 11:22, 11:20)

Sunday: 4 miles in 47:00, avg. pace 11:43; (11:59, 11:31, 11:36, 11:47)


I’m Sick so This Isn’t Counting as a Training Week…Right?

Last Friday night I got hit with the worst virus. I started coughing, and it got so much worse over the weekend. Saturday I still worked, but Sunday I pretty much slept all day. Today is another full resting day and this is the most I’ve done so fingers crossed that I can run later this week or start again next week. Ugh I hate getting sick!

Last week I ran twice. This sickness cut my training week way too short. I missed out on 10 miles, that is 3 runs. So lame.

Tuesday I ran 2 miles, kinda at a quick pace for me. It was really hot and I wanted to me done so I was like bust this ish out. No pictures, you’re welcome.

Thursday was my second run of the week, and it was 3 miles. I ran at a steady pace, still faster than norm for me. The heat was intense by 8:30AM. I really don’t understand why my body isn’t getting used to the humidity as this point. Here is the only picture I took, and I swear I was in a good mood!

I was a sweaty mess. That tank top has been such a good investment this summer. It is by Under Armour and the material is strange, but it just feels so light. I love it!


Tuesday: 2 miles @ 11:13 avg. pace

Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:20 avg. pace

So there you have it, my sad week 2 of training that I’m not counting as training because it was so short. Good? Ok, good. Girl bye.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better luck and I can run again!