My Once In A Lifetime

A summer rain is passing over
And it feels like a dream
I could run and look for shelter
But you hold onto me

I’m under your skies
I’m caught in your eyes
Don’t you know you stop the room
And all that I can see is you
I’m standing where the lightning strikes
I know this doesn’t happen twice
You must be my once in a lifetime, in a lifetime
You must be my once in a lifetime

There’s so much that I have told you
But it’s all in my head
Ask me anything you want to
‘Cause the answer is yes
I’ll spend my whole life
Just being caught up in your eyes
Don’t you know you stop the room
And all that I can see is you
I’m standing where the lightning strikes
I know this doesn’t happen twice
You must be my once in a lifetime, in a lifetime
You must be my once in a lifetime
So before the storm has passed
I just want to ask
Can we make this moment last?
So before the storm is passed
I just want to ask
Can we make this moment last?

Don’t you know you stop the room
And all that I can see is you
I’m standing where the lightning strikes
I know this doesn’t happen twice
You must be my once in a lifetime, in a lifetime
You must be my once in a lifetime


Happy 2 years of a wonderful marriage to my husband. You are truly the best gift God has ever brought into my life. You make me laugh, you bring me joy, and best of all you’re my best friend.

I love you.



Happy One Year of Marriage!

Its hard to even believe that Zach and I got married today just one small year ago, but it sure did go by fast. Its been an amazing year, honestly things have been great. There has been ups and downs, laughing and crying (both from me), and tons of love.

Zach and I have been together for almost 5 years, and yes we already know a lot about each other. However, within this year things have changed. Our goals and dreams of what we thought we wanted are long gone, new ones have emerged. And I couldn’t be more thrilled about them! Thats the thing about being with someone for so long, they can surprise you at anytime.

From me, Zach is the greatest gift God has brought me thus far in my life. He is my #1 supporter in everything. Yesterday even proved that. When I wanted to give up during those 13.1 miles, I got a text from my loving husband telling me how proud he was and how close I was to finishing. Those little texts made a world of difference. But thats just how great my husband is. Zach is my best friend, he knows me better than anyone else. I can goof off around him, and he’ll make fun of me and we both laugh because thats just how we are. Never too serious, just enjoying life.

I remember this time last year I was getting my make-up done, being all dolled up for the man I love. At one o’clock this after we would of been starting our ceremony. Thinking about those moments puts a smile on my face.

Here is to many more years of our wedded bliss. To moments we couldn’t do without each other and to all those silly fights we won’t remember why we fought. Tomorrow is the start of year two, and the start of many great moments we will share together.


I love you. A lot.


My Blog Published Wedding

Today was super exciting! I got the email that our wedding was featured on Garnished. Its a fabulous site, it showcases treasures from brooches to furniture to real weddings. Last month I was asked if I would like to have my wedding featured, and I jumped to the opportunity. To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

When given the chance to show my hard work for our big day is a HUGE pat on the back. The weddings that are showcased on her site are some drop-dead gorgeous extravaganzas. Now mine is ranked along with those other happy couples.

I first got the email at work and literally stopped my work (which I was working on fondant holly leaves), screamed, and ran to tell Minette. Our shop is featured on the story board, and it is a big deal. I read our story for like 10 minutes just so ecstatic. I read it again before typing this post. I am that thrilled about it!

Please stop by her blog and read about our wedding, from the fine details to our dating history. She captured exactly what I wanted our wedding to be described as.

So thats a good way to celebrate 2 months of marriage, don’t y’all think?!

Happy Wednesday!


Finally, Our Wedding Photos!

So sorry guys for being a total slacker and not getting to this sooner. I’ve had these babies for almost 3 weeks now and yet I still hadn’t shared them with you. Forgive me please. I took the super hard job of selecting my favorites and deciding which ones truly showcase the day. It all starts with getting glamourous and fancy, then the big moment, then the pictures you are forced happy to take with family and your ever so demanding mom, and finally the reception. I really hope you like them, Zach and I, ok I browse through all 600+ daily. I love seeing how happy and excited we were! Sylvia Hagar did a marvelous job! I would highly recommend her. Its truly a blessing to find your soul mate and I am ever so thankful for my husband. Get a glass of bubbly or wine, (or both) and look through our wedding photos!






First Month of Marriage

Good morning friends!

Well exactly one month ago I married my best friend, my husband. Its hard to believe its been a month already, time really has flown by. Zach and I just as happy as we were 3 years ago. But being married has changed the love for each other. We love each other a lot more, in different ways than before. For instance, things just seem easier as we go along with the week because we are supporting each other in whatever the other is doing. Like when I’m at GOTR he helps with dinner, when I know he had a difficult day I try to make his evening better by allowing him to relax and not do anything. We care of each other a lot more.

So one month in officially. Its going good! Things I’ve learned so far in 30 (31?) days of marriage:

  1. If you want something done right then, do it yourself. Don’t assume your spouse will automatically do the dishes right after dinner, he/she isn’t a mind reader.
  2. For one person’s definition of “clean” doesn’t always match the others.
  3. Don’t argue about not listening to each other, clearly you are listening if you’re arguing.
  4. Your money is now our money, especially if one makes a lot more than the other, but still pays for majority of stuff. Don’t make them purchase your stuff that you can buy yourself.
  5. Always say I love you.
  6. Have fun with each other, if you know what I mean. (hehe)

Zach and I have lived together for the whole time in our relationship, pre-marriage. Then we did things equally like switching off on dishes, laundry, etc. Any cleaning was done in switch-roles. Now that is not the case. We actually do cleaning on our own time. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but why must I get mad at him when I want something done then? Yep. Do it yourself.

Anyway, I was feeling creative and took some nice snap shots of our wedding bands with some wedding memorabilia . Enjoy!

Our wedding bands in the sugar flowers from our gorgeous wedding cake.

Zach’s written vows. They are truly beautiful, I am so blessed to have someone who cares for me so much.

My vows. Being the OCD-maniac that I am, I wrote mine then typed up the words to make them look beautiful. I was so excited to read these to Zach, I’m so honored to have read this to him. I love him oh so much.

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1 Week of Marriage Celebration

So on Saturday it was exactly one week of marriage for Zach and I. How was it you ask? The same as any other weekend. Except, we added a festival in the mix. Yeah you know, they totally threw it in our honor. Just sayin’.

This was a big deal in Richmond Hill. Zach and I live just outside on Savannah in a community called Georgetown and Richmond Hill is just outside of us. Confusing, I know. Anyway we have a large river called the Ogeechee River and I’m guessing it harbors much of the seafood..? Not sure. Anyway we fine dined with picnic tables and fancy plates. I even took a picture to show yall!

This is a mixture of two vendor booths, one was a low country boil from The Shrimp Shack (the big blue plate) and then Love’s Seafood fried shrimp. Both amazingly good. Zach and I shared a plate not knowing if we’d like the food. We most certainly did. After our dinner feast we walked around, drinking a beer and sweet tea (guess who had which!) and then walked even more trying to get to the rides.

Happy Marriage week to us! This was the middle of our night, I (the photo snob) requested we take pictures for everything and sadly I only got this one. Boo.

The fair part was like a normal fair, scary and crowded. I didn’t ride anything because one I had my beer to hang on to and second I’m scared of fair rides. I need something to be bolted in cement with steel before I dare walk up to it. I’m a weirdo. This one did look fun, take a look.

Kristen my co-worker and friend went on this ride. I opted to take pictures, from a safe distance.

But Zach and I had a blast, the food was just awesome and I could of gone back for more. We kept talking like we were on a date, which I guess is what it was. I had fun, he had fun. I slept so good from all the greasy fried food and beer going through my veins.

That was our 1 week of marriage celebration, and I couldn’t of been more happy. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband.


The Brides Bouquet

Due to my new baller status as wife I can now dish my details on things I DIY-ed for the big day. My favorite thing was my bouquet. Yes, I did my flowers. The price was under $60 for my flowers and my MOH’s and it took me less than an hour (Brittney’s took me like 10 minutes, I was so jealous because it looked flawless to begin with). It would of gone a lot faster, but I’m OCD on detail so I kept changing things, even after I floral taped the heck out of it. Finally happy with my work I wrapped it with some ivory satin ribbon. The size was perfect, just a good size to hold in one hand without struggling.

Here is one top view, as you as tell it was rich fall tones of reds and oranges with some cream roses. Those two bulbs did bloom, but barely. The colors were just perfect, just what I wanted. Plus the touches of white made it look bridal. Of course you know I have more photos! Who would I be if I didn’t?

Another top view, and see its a beauty.

See the size is just perfect. It fit just nicely in my hand without being too heavy. And thats the satin ribbon I got from Michael’s. I got the idea to do my bouquet from Caitlin at the Healthy Tipping Point and it was just as easy as she claimed it to be. Plus it was fun for my mom and I.

On the way to marry my best friend, my husband. Oh how I do love him. I got so many compliments from the guests and no one could believe I did my own flowers. I guess I can add florist to my resume? Just kidding.

Thanks for stopping by!


New Wife, New Life

So I am a fresh-newlywed. Saturday was amazing. I honestly wish I could remember everything, but sadly I can’t. It went by so fast! Lets start from the beginning, shall we?

First I got up, got my stuff together while Zach was still sleeping and my mom and I headed out towards my cousin’s and MOH’s hotel room. We started the day off with hair…at 9 am. Bright and early! It was quite a fun process. Never have I had so much hairspray in my life (I still have it in my hair, gross I know..I haven’t washed my hair is Sunday) then Denise, the Bobbie Brown make-up artist came and did wonders on my skin. I told her I haven’t had a full night’s sleep and the circles under my eyes were horrid. She made them disappear. Then it came time for the dress. I’ll give you a sneak peek from the day and all these photos were taken by my mom, so forgive us (I love you mom). So here is a glimpse of the dress!

Ta-da! Wondering what that blue ribbon is? Its my secret “Something Blue”, I saw it in Martha Stewart Wedding’s magazine and couldn’t wait to do it. Here is a closer view,

After the dress, came time to finish my hair. Then the veil came on. This was my favorite part of getting ready. For one it finally gave me a chance to see myself as a Bride. Second, it meant the time was close to leave and get married!

I loved my veil, it was a cathedral length with a fingertip blusher. The funny thing about that veil is it wasn’t my original. The one I actually ordered never came in, I waited until Friday..the day BEFORE my wedding to see if it would come. So with a quick trip to David’s Bridal I got this one, which I actually liked more AND! on sale. Woo hoo! My mom and I were so happy!

So after getting ready it was time to head out. The day was gloomy, and I was so scared I was going to be late because I was running late. Oops. Everything worked out. The first person I saw was my dad. He couldn’t get any words, just tears. I love my daddy. He finally uttered “you look so beautiful” and the water works came out hard. I started too, and finally snapped saying, “get it together!” So everything began, Zach’s back was turned so he couldn’t see me actually coming so when it time for him to turn it was magical. He lost it. As did I. I blew him a kiss from under my veil and my dad and I talked to ourselves the whole walk down. Surprisingly I was really calm for the ceremony. Zach was shaking like crazy and tearing up. I did cry, but I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve never been so happy. We did the traditional vows and then read our own. Everyone was in tears, including our Reverend. The ceremony was so intimate and personal, everyone told us it was just so beautiful. It went by so fast.

Here is the new Mr. & Mrs. Nebel!

We are so cute. Just sayin’.

Next was the reception, at The Olde Pink House. First, the food was the main reason we picked the restaurant. Zach and I love the food, I mean love. So here is the first pic we took, totally original; our rings!

What comes next? Oh! Our drop-dead gorgeous-fabulous-sexy-uber-awesome-amazing cake! Did I mention I did the cake? Not design, but put together because hello thats my job and I had the best wedding cake shop do my cake…because I’m awesome.

So that was the start, middle, and now the end. Our big day ended with a classic “leave” from the restaurant. It was so cheesy.

My hair was done-zo by the end of the day. Sad. Must be why it looks like a rats rest on my head. I can’t brush it. But it helped with my “morning after” hairstyle. I did the fishtail braid again, because I’m totally great at it and I love it. This morning we actually joined my parents, and aunt and uncle, MOH and her fiance. We had us a fancy brunch, you know at Clary’s. Then we all joined hands and walked down River Street. Our final event was taking photos next to the candy store. Who else hangs out with their mom the day after they got married? Clearly only cool people like Zach and I.

Zach, my mom, and me. Zach’s face is so genuine. He loves his Mother-in-Law. Seriously.

So we are now MARRIED! and enjoying the first day & a half. We’re total lazy-butts and eating chinese watching Kim Kardashian’s 2 hour/2 day wedding special.

I hope to get our real photos soon from our special day, not saying my mom isn’t a fantastic photographer, but I really want to see what Sylvia took. She told us she took more photos than at any other wedding, like over 1,000 on her’s and then over 500 on Bryan’s. That really makes me want to see them.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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Wedding Saturday

Today two close family members are getting married. They are on separate sides of my family and ironically picked the same day to get hitched; I did say separate sides right? Well, my uncle Patrick [my dad’s little brother] and my cousin Travis [my mom’s nephew]  are both getting married today, an hour apart! How crazy?! I couldn’t believe it when my parents told me [separately of course] and I am thrilled for both couples. The sad thing is I didn’t want to have to choose a wedding, both are so dear to my heart and I love them both so much. I talked about it for months with Zach, my parents, and friends. I did the respectful Southern etiquette and declined both invitations. I was so torn, and I wanted to see both. My dad who recently had a heart attack was still offering to pay for Zach and I to go to my cousin’s wedding and my mom was pushing to see the Ogletree wedding. Weird, huh? My parents have been divorced for a year now and are telling me to attend opposite weddings. That says a lot about their post-marriage relationship. I am so lucky and blessed to still have my parents be friends, they check up on each other and mainly discuss me and my problems which stress, wedding planning, bakery things, etc. Well this post is for my family and new family members joining on the Ogletree and Hearn side. Congratulations to both brides and grooms! I love my new aunt Leslie, she is perfect for my uncle! And Angie is Travis’s other half, and adorable woman! I just can’t believe everyone is starting a new family and new beginnings.

Zach and I will have this joy come next year. Oh and I am thinking of a new venue 🙂 I cannot keep my word on picking a single place!