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Crazy Weather and Stuff

This Georgia weather has been crazy! I swear the last 2 runs were in summer temps. I ran in a tank top Wednesday and this time last year I was in long sleeves and fleece tights. And now it is freezing. So strange.







WWWHHHHYYYY??????!!!!!!! BOO.

As you can see we had some glorious weather and then, BAM! Chilly and windy and ew. I also pointed to a breakout I was suffering from on Wednesday.

I’m starting to get back into my running, slowly but surely. I’ve been super busy with work and I’m putting a lot of energy into it, so I’m balancing everything right now. Isn’t it funny that running becomes such a big part of your life that it almost controls it? Like you start to get depressed when you can’t run, you start to stress when you miss a day or two. This is what happens to me and I start to feel like I’m not a runner anymore, but then I get back into the groove and viola, I’m able to juggle everything. This always happens in the winter I swear.

How is your running going this winter? What sort of things are you wanting for Christmas? I told Zach that I would love a new pair of Superfeet inserts, I know such an exciting gift 😉



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