I Don’t Know What Week Im in For Training, But Here is A Long Recap

I’m that terrible blogger that only blogs like once a month. I’m sorry! I always try to get back on track with my blog, but life gets in my way. I have never stated this before, but I love my job and I value how hard I work, and when I have off time I throughly enjoy my off time. I don’t want to work on this blog all the time, and I know I probably shouldn’t have it if I feel it as a burden. However, my blog isn’t a burden, it is something I put on the back burner until I have the will to come to it. That can change, or it could continue.

Anyway, enough adult talk. I seriously don’t know  what week I am training in. But I know I have like 5 weeks left before my race. This is a post packed full of pictures. Enjoy!

I ran 10 miles at the beginning of September, and this was my first double digit run of this training plan. I was so excited! I finished under 2 hours, that is huge for me. I know it is still slow, but that was a good time for me. I averaged 11:39.

I ran some speed work on the treadmill, I was a little excited to get back on my treadmill. I enjoy running anything that requires me to push my pace, because 1. it gets my pace correct and 2. I can step off if I’m about to die.  This was on 9/9 at it was 6 miles, 1 mile warm up and 4 miles at 10: 50, 1 mile cool down. I averaged 11:07. I stretched afterwards, and rested on the belt. It was hot and felt so good!

Yes I am that pale, but also thanks to the awesome lighting in our apartment.

I ran 10 miles again on 9/13. My Garmin died as it was finding satellites so I had to use my stopwatch on the phone. Now, I was concerned if my distances would be accurate so I made sure to start at the exact starting point and lap myself at each mile marker sign. This could be a little off, but I followed my gut and I ran my FASTEST 10 mile long run ever! Y’all, I was flying!  I averaged 10:49, 10:49! I need to run a 10:41 or faster for my entire 13.1 miles so this was exciting for me.

Ran in my new lululemon hat that I bought for my race. Which, I love. I wore pretty much all lululemon on this run, I just realized. HA! I love the hydration pack y’all. I cannot believe how awesome it is.

This is how excited I was, can’t even tell I just pushed my body to a hard limit for 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Last Tuesday I had the best day at work so I had to run and make it an even better day and busted out a fast 3 mile run. Don’t know what got into me last week, I was running fast. Not complaining!

Sunday, oh Sunday. This was 9/21 and my plan had 11 miles on schedule. This was not a good run. I took a new supplement before hand because a lot of people rave about it for long distance runners. My body did not like it. I was running fast, but my breathing was so labored and my heart rate was so high that I had to cut this short and only run 8 miles. I had the worst headache afterwards too. At 4 miles I had to break for like 10 minutes. That never happens to me, not that soon into a run. So I listened to my body and did a run that felt good and distance that was doable. You have to know when you can, and when you cannot. This was a cannot, but lets do what I can.

I still ran fast, and again another run under 11:00 minute miles. I averaged 10:58. I wish I had finished those 11 miles, and I kept telling myself I could run those last 3, but I knew I’d be making a mistake.

This was the last humid run, I was drenched and couldn’t believe how hot it felt. But it could of been the beta-alanine I took beforehand.

There you go. I’m done. Sorry for the long post! But I will be making more effort, I promise. I’ve got a little time left before my race and I am driving myself mad with trying to get this goal of a 2:20 or better half marathon.

Thanks for reading!



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