My Favorite Post Workout Snacks

As a reader, you know I love food. I love all types of food, especially sweets, but sometimes you cannot eat your absolute favorite foods after a tough workout. The thought of ice cream after a long run makes my stomach churn (but low-fat chocolate milk sounds heavenly 😉 )

A lot of people grab whatever they can find, but that isn’t necessarily the best. Now in no means am I a registered dietitian or nutritionist. But I do know what works for me, and it could possibly work for you.

So what are the right snacks to eat post workout? Keep reading and you can get some ideas!

  1. I love something nutritious that is easy to get ahold of and that you can drink super quick. —-> LOW-FAT CHOCOLATE MILK! I know, it sounds weird, but the milk has a more equal balance of electrolytes than a sports drink and less sugar so it is better for you.


2. Grabbing the Protein Bistro Box from Starbucks is also a healthy post workout snack. It contains a high amount of protein –> 13 grams!  That is awesome for some quick, post recovery food. And it tastes delicious.

3. If you have time to make a post workout snack, try making  trail mix. has an amazing inventory of all kinds of snacks. They offer organic, raw, sugar-free, and gluten-free snack options.  One of my favorite things to grab is trail mix. It tastes delicious, and its super quick. has a ton of options to purchase from, even an option to customize your own trail mix. They also offer a healthy snacks page with a ton of ideas!

A quick recipe for me is this:

1 cup dried fruit, think like pineapples or papayas (or both, yum!)

1 cup granola

1 cup cashews

1 cup almonds

1 cup coconut flakes

Mix it all up and enjoy!

4. Protein drink or bar. This is self explanatory, but it really is a great post work snack choice. I love drinking a chocolate protein shake, and Quest bars are hands down the best protein bar around! I love having both as an option so I don’t get burnt out on one or the other.


5. Jerky. Yes, jerky is a fantastic source of protein after a workout. It can really give you a boost of energy. Trying to find a healthier one can become a challenge, but does offer jerky!

I once ate an entire bag of beef jerky after an 18 mile long run, oh man did it hit the spot.

Grabbing something post workout is incredibly important, you need to refuel and replenish what you just depleted from your body. Making sure you’re grabbing the right thing is just as important! I hope this helps with your future snacking!

***This is not a sponsored post from, but this post was done in collaboration to share some healthier, post-workout recovery snacks.***



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