Week #5 and #6 of Half Marathon Training and Some Random Stuff

I’ve been super busy and unable to post as much as I’d like, so here are the past weeks of my half marathon training. Now there are not a lot of runs, life has gotten hectic. But I’m making sure to get the crucial runs in.

Saturday, 8/15 I ran 4 miles. I ran slower than usual because I was tired. I didn’t get a picture, it was lack-luster. Hey, not every run can be spectacular right?

That Sunday (8/16) however, I had my first long-ish run of 8 miles. I love getting past the 6 mile mark. This is my favorite, long distance running. So Sunday I was giddy.  I took it a little more conservatively because I was still a little tired from the week. I did run  the second half quicker than the first 4 miles. Gotta take the small wins!

My run did create a beautiful rat’s nest in my ponytail. Brushing that out was fun. This is the last long run I’ve done on a Sunday! These past 2 weeks it has been rainy and icky on the weekends so it’s making my training a little bit more challenging to schedule it around my work schedule.

Sunday I recovered with Vega’s Recovery Accelerator. I forgot how much I love the taste of these, but the last gulps are hard to get down. Just being honest.

I finally found the Swedish Fish gum a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been loving it. Swedish Fish are one of my favorite fuels for running.

Zach went and visited him mom one weekend and came across one of his first magazine appearances.   I love the caption! “Could this rookie rider be DK’s Robbie Miranda’s future teammate? Only time will tell.” He looks so cute!

Getting into week 6 I was coming off of week 5 with 2 runs. That is great right? I’m taking this training season with great commitment  😉

On Wednesday, (8/19)  I had speed work on schedule, and being honest I hate 400 repeats. Like, hate them. I just dislike any and all speed work in general. But hey, if you want to achieve a dream you’ve gotten do all the work. So I was on schedule for 1 mile warm up, 12 x 400, 400 recovery jog in between each, and 1 mile cool down. Well, I was getting into the 3rd 400 repeat and hating life. Like I couldn’t get my speed under control, I kept running too fast and not the times I needed. So this other runner was on the track and I could tell she was running the same distance, so finally I asked her if she was doing 400 repeats, and her answer was yes, wanna join me? Now 1. I usually don’t talk with other people when I’m running and 2. I was legit terrified.

I bit the bullet and said yes, and afterwards she tells me her pace. 7:40. My head could of exploded. I don’t run that fast. Like I would love to, and probably could run at that speed in a good couple of years, but right now…yeah, nope. I couldn’t back out, so we agreed I would “try” to keep up with her. She only had 3 more repeats left so I stuck it out with her.

No joke, I thought my lungs were exploding. I managed to run about 4 seconds behind her. NOT BAD. Oh, and we didn’t have any recovery jogs. She gave great advice, she just wants to get the hard part over and done with, and then really recovery with a thorough cool down. I was game for whatever. I ran in total 3.35 miles in 30 minutes. That is legit speed work for me.

During one of those sessions I ran a 7:36 mile. I RAN A 7:36 MILE!!! 🙂

Now, I know that was not the correct workout, but I didn’t and still don’t care. I felt like I put in more work and effort on this than I would of with my own work out. The one downfall was I didn’t get her name or info! I was so thankful for her that I forgot in the moment to get her basic information. I hope to see her at the track again so she can teach me some true speed.

My next run of that week was again, Wednesday on 8/26. I ran 9 miles. I ran 9 perfect miles and I wish every single run would feel that good. The rain finally left (even though it is back today) and the trail wasn’t flooded. The weather, OMG the weather was perfect. It felt like fall. I came across a craw-dad who was very defensive.


Sorry for the photo quality, my phone was in a protective sleeve.

I ran my fastest 9 miles ever. I couldn’t believe it. Everything just clicked.


But burning almost 1000 calories can definitely make you hangry real quick, so I had to hit up somewhere for food. Thankfully there is a Starbucks right around the corner from our home. I grabbed my favorites,


I love the protein box. It always fills me up, and I added back the low-fat chocolate milk for a post run recovery drink. This just hit the spot!

So there you have it. My ridiculous long post about 2 weeks of training that don’t make sense in terms of weeks. I know, but I’m working around my life as best as I can. But this week I am in week 7, and hopefully for September it’ll be back to my normal training schedule.

Week 5:

8/15: 4 miles in 46:04, avg. 11:31 (12:08, 11:23, 11:22, 11:09)

8/16: 8 miles in 1:33:01, avg. 11:37 (12:15, 11:44, 11:46, 11:28, 11:25, 11:44, 11:27, 11:07)

Week 6:

8/19: 3.35 miles in 30:55, avg. 9:14 (warm up 1 mile, 2 X 400 repeats with 400 recovery jogs, then 3 x 400 with no recovery jogs, 200 sprint, 400 recovery) (10:42, 9:08, 7:36, .35 @ 10:02)

8/26: 9 miles in 1:39:48, avg. 11:05 (11:51, 11:15, 11:25, 11:06, 11:01, 10:56, 10:55, 10:48, 10:27)



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