Week #4 of Half Marathon Training 

Week 4 was good (sorry I’m posting so late) and I managed to have some great paces. But my Sunday run was a little iffy <—more on that later.

Tuesday was a good 5 miles. I took it easy and just enjoyed the run.


Thursday I had 3 miles. The weather was a little gloomy. I was waiting for it rain, thankfully it didn’t. So I had a great running time. I brought a lot of brightness to the dreary weather.


Saturday was another 3 miles. Now, I was supposed to run Friday, but I skipped it. It wasn’t in the cards for me, sleep was. I swear every week I have missed a run because I need more sleep. So Friday night it rained, and the trail was wet. Wet broad-walk with tons of wet leaves make it a little challenging. I ran a lot slower.


Sunday was 6 miles. I was pumped about this run. I miss the longer runs and am so excited about getting back to those numbers. I started out great, had some awesome paced miles and then BOOM! Pain in my left hamstring. It started to ache 5 miles in, so it wasn’t the whole time which I am happy about. But it caused me to stop and stretch a lot. It felt like a cramp that wouldn’t loosen up. But it hurt to walk too. I ran a lot slower in the last mile, enough to where it didn’t hurt. For the rest of the day though, my hamstring ached. So with that being said, I haven’t ran since Sunday. I’m icing and resting. I will run again tomorrow morning (week 5 might be a short one :/  )


OMG and the weather was HOT. I was dying. Thankfully I brought my water. FYI: I only bring water and food on runs longer than an hour. I finished when the temps were 88°, I started when it was 76°. That is how hot GA is right now, it jumped 12° in a hour. I did start a little later than I wanted though, I was lounging on the couch with Zach instead of getting dressed, etc. Finally he was like, “you need to get out before its too hot.” I think he just wanted me to go so he could ride his motorcycle 😉

So week 4 was good! Like I said, I had some great times. Total of 17 miles, total time running 3:12.

8/4: 5 miles in 56:26, avg. 11:22 (11:57, 11:19, 11: 18, 11:08, 11:10)

8/6: 3 miles in 33:13, avg. 11:04 (11:13, 10:51, 11:08)

8/7: 3 miles in 34:36, avg. 11:31 (11:57, 11:27, 11:08)

8/8: 6 miles in 1:07:26, avg. 11:14 (11:30, 11:09, 11:06, 11:08, 11:04, 11:28 <-when my leg hurt)



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