Week #3 of Half Marathon Training

Week 3 was a great one. I had a great training week and now I’ll give you the recap.

On Tuesday I ran 4 miles. I wanted this to be a little faster than the Sunday run and I managed to do that. But don’t let that 6:39 pace fool you, this was like the very last .01 of my run. HA. I would love to run at that speed though.

Is that not a gorgeous picture?! I love the Greenway. And waking up super early to run here is so worth it.

Thursday was my next scheduled day and again, 4 miles. However, I was not planning on running faster that I did. I went off by feel. And I guess I was feeling great because I held on to an 11:00 minute average pace. I remember when this was a slow pace for me, and now its a faster pace. Funny how life changes. I don’t mind running slower, I just like running longer.

I skipped Friday morning, Now, I know that is wrong when training. But first let me tell you, I needed the extra hour of sleep. It was only 4 miles on schedule and I decided to miss out on those 4 miles. You have got to listen to your body!

Saturday I ran a little bit longer, I was on schedule for 4 miles and had 5 on Sunday so I wanted to see if I could handle the extra distance. So 4.5 miles meant I could run an extra half mile the next day. I know, so weird.

Sweaty Saturday Selfie. Yet I looked dry as a bone, but trust me I was not. Hot mess express now boarding. Ha.

Sunday was my longest run in weeks, 5 miles. I was so excited. I knew I could run it, because you know I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday. The weather was great. Last week we had a couple of great mornings with low humidity and not so hot temperatures. It felt like fall.

I swear the Greenway is the prettiest place north of ATL. It is a hidden gem. The trail is built on wet lands and half of it is over a swamp, or at least I think it is a swamp. It definitely smells like one. I will miss all the greenery when fall and winter comes. So I’m soaking it up as much as I can right now.

After my run, I headed home and went to Sephora for their VIB Rouge event, which was meh. I came back and showered and jumped in bed for more sleep. Nope, Zach woke up like 2 minutes after. So I needed some caffeine if we weren’t going to sleep anymore, Starbucks it was.

Yes, I needed something large to keep me going for the rest of the day. Iced caramel macchiato with raspberry. So good. So needed.

Week 3:  17.5 miles, total hours running 3:18

7/28: 4 miles in 46:18; avg. 11:33 (12:06, 11:34, 11:29, 11:05)

7/30: 4 miles in 44:01. avg. 11:00 (11:32, 10:58, 10:47, 10:45)

8/1: 4.53 miles in 51:41, avg. 11:24 (12:02, 11:34, 11:10, 11:10, .53 @ 10:48)

8/2: 5 miles in 56:36, avg. 11:19 ( 12:03, 11:21, 11:05, 11:18, 10:48)



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