I’m Sick so This Isn’t Counting as a Training Week…Right?

Last Friday night I got hit with the worst virus. I started coughing, and it got so much worse over the weekend. Saturday I still worked, but Sunday I pretty much slept all day. Today is another full resting day and this is the most I’ve done so fingers crossed that I can run later this week or start again next week. Ugh I hate getting sick!

Last week I ran twice. This sickness cut my training week way too short. I missed out on 10 miles, that is 3 runs. So lame.

Tuesday I ran 2 miles, kinda at a quick pace for me. It was really hot and I wanted to me done so I was like bust this ish out. No pictures, you’re welcome.

Thursday was my second run of the week, and it was 3 miles. I ran at a steady pace, still faster than norm for me. The heat was intense by 8:30AM. I really don’t understand why my body isn’t getting used to the humidity as this point. Here is the only picture I took, and I swear I was in a good mood!

I was a sweaty mess. That tank top has been such a good investment this summer. It is by Under Armour and the material is strange, but it just feels so light. I love it!


Tuesday: 2 miles @ 11:13 avg. pace

Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:20 avg. pace

So there you have it, my sad week 2 of training that I’m not counting as training because it was so short. Good? Ok, good. Girl bye.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better luck and I can run again!



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