AJC Peachtree Road Race 2015 

One of my favorite races occurred on Saturday, the AJC Peachtree Road Race! It is an Atlanta tradition and a must do race if you haven’t ran it before.

Unlike last year, I opted to have my bib shipped to me, after the expo experience last year I was not wanting to go back. I get very nervous in large crowds, so the luxury of having it delivered is worth the extra money…even when you forgot that you picked for mail delivery and are surprised to see it. HA.

The AJCPRR is 6.2 miles down Peachtree Road starting in Buckhead and heading into the city, you finish at Piedmont Park. I love this race! Last year the weather was perfect, this year not so much. It was wet. I mean, nonstop rain. Oh and then a thunderstorm popped up during the race.

The night before I got all my running gear together. I wore Oiselle compression shorts, an Old Navy dri-fit tank, Pro Compression socks, Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s, Garmin Forerunner 310XT, and Road ID bracelet.

You can tell the weather was icky. We live about 25 minutes north of Buckhead, so the drive was super easy. No traffic! Such a rarity on 400 😉  My alarm went off at 5:30, I ate some food and we left by 6:30. Leaving at such a time definitely makes parking a nightmare. We couldn’t find anything like we did last year, so Zach dropped me off and parked at the Sandy Springs MARTA station.

This year I was in corral L. My start time was 8:18 and it was a little delayed, which seemed to be due to the weather. In my corral was   Forrest Gump and someone I’m calling Southern Naked Man. They caused a stir with other runners, they were good sports taking pictures. I just kept thinking, “that is going to chafe and hurt sooooo bad later.” I mean we are running in rain, and just…ahh the pain.

Things I heard in my corral that are worth mentioning: “You know that runner who ran last year? The one that won that big race? You know that one?”  and “Remember that guy named Eb who ran that Boston thing, yeah he ran here last year too.” My heart sank a bit. I so wanted to correct them and say, “oh you mean MEB who won the Boston MARATHON the year after the bombings, yeah him? Yes, he ran last year for charity and did an amazing job!” But I didn’t. Because I am a polite southern belle.

So the rain held off pretty well while we waited, but soon after K left it really started to pour. It was so windy that they took down the American Flag. I was sad that I didn’t get a picture, but the weather definitely was starting to turn sour so they did the right thing. I think everyone was getting really cold because it appeared that everyone started to huddle around everyone else. Finally we were off, and about .5 into the race the first bolt of lightning came into view and not joking, everyone screamed, “OHHHH.” It was right in front of us. I was waiting for officials to pull us off, but it never happened. Other corrals were taken off the course and had to wait for the thunderstorm to pass.

I had no goals in mind for this year. I quickly decided to just run it and be careful, so I stayed behind these two ladies that kept up a good pace. The rain never let up so I was soaked from the beginning. Coming into the first miles I saw Priests with Holy Water, a couple of sprinkler systems, and a fire hydrant going off. Umm it was raining so we didn’t need the extra cool down system 😉

I managed to keep with the ladies until mile 4, which happens right after Piedmont Hospital. I managed to run Cardiac Hill without stopping this year, I call that a win! But the rest of the race was ok. I was slowing down, which is still ok since I wasn’t having a goal. I kept texting Zach to find him, yeah that never happened. I walked in the area that he said he was in so I wouldn’t miss him. We still managed to miss one another. #couplefail but I texted him when I finished and that became the new mission. I was cold, hungry, and wet. But I ran the race a whole minute faster than last year! I was so pumped. And then my excitement turned because  I wanted to get home and find my man, which became another issue because my phone was wet and wouldn’t let me answer his calls. Awesome.

Once we had found each other, we had to walk back to MARTA. It was fun to see the rest of the race and one year I want to watch the elites run. On the trek back home, we got on the wrong train. Yep. Just another delay into getting me happy. Once we finally arrived to the truck, I was like finally. I am really proud of my result. I didn’t plan on having such a good race because my training took a back seat. I feel like my really good races happen in the rain, so from here on out I think I’ll have all my races during monsoons.

Thanks for reading!

Did you run in the PRR? How was your race?



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