Week #1 of Half Marathon Training 

So we are into another training cycle. I am so excited! Seriously, I haven’t had the training bug in a while so to have it again makes my heart so happy. I’ve picked a fall half marathon, so I have 18 weeks. I usually like 16 weeks, but the idea of having 2 extra weeks actually makes me feel better. I like knowing I have 2 solid weeks of base running.  Here is how my first week of training went.

I ran on Sunday (6/28) to bust out some hill work. It was death. I hated it, no love what so ever. First run was 3 miles.  This run isn’t technically in my training, but I love this picture so I had to include it.

On Tuesday, I had training with Meredith and afterwards I wanted to go bust out a fast mile. The endorphins  from the killer workout must of made me crazy because I ran a  9:58 mile. YYASSS.

Wednesday I ran 3 miles. It felt good, it wasn’t super easy but not super hard either. I pushed myself just enough to feel like I had a great run. And look at the cute frog! These are spray painted all over the trails.

Saturday was the AJC Peachtree Road Race. I was on schedule to run another 3 miles, but I was so excited to run this race. I had another 10K on June 20th that I bombed (slowest 10K race ever) so I actually wanted to have some great result. I will post another entry about this race, because it was that good! I swear! I finished a minute faster than last year, and I ran the entire length of Cardiac Hill. #winning

And yes, I am completely soaked in this picture because I ran in a monsoon.

Sunday was a recovery run. I had 4 miles scheduled, and I really loved this run. It was relaxing minus the heat and humidity that was choking me, but otherwise it was good. I ran super slow, and my legs were still screaming at me. Those Atlanta hills are brutal.

So my training week was something like this (not including the 6/28 run):

Tuesday: 1 mile @ 9:58

Wednesday: 3 miles @ 11:00 average pace

Saturday: Peachtree Road Race 10K @ 11:18 average pace

Sunday: 4 miles @ 11:55 pace

Total: 14.2 miles with total time of 2:41

I am so excited about this training cycle, look forward to more posts!


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