9 Weeks of Training For The Peachtree

I have taken nearly 2 weeks off from running and it was incredibly needed. Normally after a race, I rest for a week at the max and start training just to maintain my fitness level, but this time was different. I was really disappointed by my last half marathon. However I knew I wasn’t going to have a stellar race. And with that I was ok about my effort, but no one likes to see a bad finish time. So I took the time off to rest and it was glorious. Now I am ready to start back and really put the proper effort into this training cycle.

I am starting my training for my 2nd Peachtree Road Race, and last year I had a fantastic time running it…my “race time” not so great. I learned a lot from that race. Like 1) not to eat nearly 4 hours prior and not have a single bite afterwards before you begin 6.2 miles 2) to not get to caught up and run 9:00-9:30 min miles for the first 3 miles and get hit with extreme fatigue as you’re running up a freaking large hill 3) have a crying fit at mile 5 and demand food because you didn’t eat accordingly and ate 4 hours before your start time. I really learned to not eat so early before a race because all 3 of the statements above resulted from that!

I will be trying my best to blog each week about my training. I am not promising I will be great at it, but I’ll be trying!

And I’ll leave you with the biggest ham picture every taken at a race:


I saved a lot of energy during the last bits of the race just to be able to get up the last hill and take a good picture!

So here is to summer racing and training!



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