Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon Recap and How I Was Humbled

Saturday I ran in the 2nd Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon, and I’ll just go ahead and let you know it was not my best time. I was slow, in fact out of all 4 I’ve ran in, this comes in at #3 for slowest time.

I will be the first to say I did not take any of this training cycle seriously, if I had I could of done a lot better. I was lazy, and I’m talking like going a good couple of days up to a week of not running. I started out strong when I first started a plan, and somewhere around February I just gave up. My papa had passed 2 months prior, and my uncle passed at the end of January, and my work picked up and I got overwhelmed. I was exhausted nearly everyday, I could sleep at any given time. For a while I was worried, but I realized my running wasn’t helping me feel better. So I cut a lot of it out, but still “training” for a race in April. I managed to run a month’s worth of miles in 16 weeks. Bad, that is very bad. And with all of that, I was humbled on Saturday. I now know I can’t just think I can run long like I could last fall, it takes effort and dedication, and a lot of time. Here is my recap and my motivation to run better.

Saturday I woke up at 5:20, and for a brief second I couldn’t remember why I set my alarm. Ha. I ate a bagel and drank a bottle of water, and while I was eating I watched some YouTube. At 6, I was ready to get dressed, but instead I got too comfy on the couch and finally got ready at 6:20. Once dressed and ready I got to the park around 6:30. I am loving the fact that I live so close to my favorite parks and trails. Packet pick was a breeze, super easy. The race swag bag was better than last year.


I have missed Shot Bloks and that tiny Clif Bar is so cute! At 6:45 I stood in an already kinda long line for the bathroom, and once I was set I just waited in the car. I was alone for this race, which is strange for me. At long distance races I usually have my family, but this didn’t happen. The course is a little difficult to have people watching so I told them not to come. The rain held off and it was cloudy, the temperature felt great.

We started at 7:30 and everything felt great. Honestly, the first mile was pretty awesome. I  didn’t pay attention to my pace, I just went by feel the entire time. The sun came out for a brief second and then disappeared, and then really came out and made the portion to the first turnaround incredibly hot and humid.


Those little specks are runners, I have the best photography skills ever. So there is always puddles on the greenway after a lot of rain, and like last year there is a MAJOR one that is deep. Everyone, I mean everyone in front of me was walking around it and taking too much time. Not this girl, I ran straight through it. I don’t have time to waste to miss some water. I even screamed at them, “you’re going to get wet anyway.” I swear I am the nicest runner, HA. I took water at the aid stations, took a gu at mile 5. And I was golden up till mile 7.

Running through those puddles left me with a pain I know all too well. Freaking blister. I didn’t want to look and see how bad it was, but I was having a lot of pain so I walked a lot. At mile 8.5 I finally took a look, and yep, it was bad. Wasn’t a blood blister thank goodness, but still. Ugh I hate them! I walked a ton, my body wasn’t trained to run this and I knew that going in.  Nonetheless I finished. I ran the very last bit because I wasn’t going to give up. I finished in 2:41:03. I could of finished in 2:30 if I hadn’t of gotten a blister and if I had trained, but it didn’t happen and that is ok.


I do love this race, I really do. And this race totally beat me down, it made me aware on how much I need to work on. I have dreams for the fall, and I’m really going to tackle them. In the mean time I will be training for my best 10K for the AJC Peachtree Road Race. So cheers to an ok half marathon and training for a summer race!





2 thoughts on “Georgia Peach Jam Half Marathon Recap and How I Was Humbled”

    1. Yes I’ve had my share with them, 2 blood blisters and countless deep ones like that one. They suck! Sorry to hear you have 3 right now.

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