How To Not Train For a Half Marathon

I have a race this weekend that I was supposed to train for about 16 weeks ago. It if was a 5K or 10K, I wouldn’t be concerned or worried. Buutttt…its a half marathon. Yep, it is a tad longer than either one of those distances. FML. Now, I know most normal people would be like, “yeah, I’m not ready so I’m going to be smart and not run or race because I’m not ready” however I’m just doing the opposite. I am still running the race, however I will not be pushing myself  in this race. So no PR dreams for me, unless by some miracle I can do that with no proper training.

My last 5 runs have been ok, like I mean just ok. Nothing praiseworthy or even confidence boosting. I can see myself making a mistake by doing this, but I’m not a quitter.


I have been running on the trail for almost every run, I got a little too used to the treadmill and my race is on my favorite route, the greenway. So I figured as long as I can get used to outdoor running, I should be fine. But I still had one run on the ‘ole mill.


I haven’t ran on the treadmill a lot because ITS BEHIND THE TV. Gotta love apartment living.


Yes, I ran in tights in April. It was a little chilly one morning, but nothing to worry about. By the end of the run I was sweating like crazy. Still a great 6 miles.  Average pace 12:03.

Then, the next morning for Easter I busted out 8 miles. I did have a good run, the weather was perfect. My pace was faster than Saturday, at 11:59 per mile. Woohoo! Miss Speedy over here.


Oh man that picture is beautiful. I love running the boardwalks. I didn’t a lot last week, only once. It was hot at 7PM and pollen was clouding the air.


I set out for 7, but the muggy weather wouldn’t allow me to push through it. I did finish very tired, and sweaty. And coated in yellow.

I may or may not run sometime this week, and I’m sure I should. But this time around I am not having any lofty goals, only one. That is to finish. I don’t care if I walk or run the whole race, I am finishing. And then I will start my training plan. My schedule will be a little more set, I won’t be moving runs around so much. The next training cycle will definitely be more serious.

Ok, that is it. A post about being lazy with training and running and attempting a half marathon  with practically zero training. This will be fun!



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