MealEnders: The Antidote For Overeating Review

Thanks to Sweat Pink aka Fit Approach, I had the opportunity to try out MealEnders. They are an appetite suppressant that have natural ingredients. I love trying new products, especially ones that are targeted towards your overall health and well being. I know I for one can binge eat on any given day, typically on one of my off days and non-running days. The great things about the MealEnders is that for 1. they taste great and 2. they fizz. They fizz? Yes! I know you were asking that when reading that statement. With the sensation of fizz, it is allowing your body to send signals that you are ingesting food. That can sound somewhat sketchy, but trust me it is not.


MealEnders is not a gimmick product that you see on commercials for weight loss. They are a product that you want to take when you are starting to feel hungry. Once the MealEnders dissolves, you can eat and eat less than you normally would. That is what I loved about these.

Their “How To” is this:
•At the end of a meal to replace dessert.
•When you feel the urge to finish a large plate of food, just because it’s there.
•When you crave a second helping, but don’t feel hungry.
•When you want to snack on junk food between meals.

•Identify your moment of temptation and instead of dessert, another helping, or a snack, enjoy a Signaling Lozenge.
•Savor the lozenge; allow to completely dissolve. No chewing or biting!
•Feel the active taste sensations cleanse the palate and stimulate both your mouth and mind, giving your brain time to realize you’ve had enough to eat.
•For best results, use consistently and combine with a healthy lifestyle.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part. They taste amazing! All the flavors have a yogurt-like coating, and once that melts you are basically eating a hard candy. So much better than taking something gross and foul tasting. My favorite was Chocolate Mint. It was like eating candy. Mocha was also pretty tasty.

I honestly saw a difference in my eating habits, but I didn’t see an overall drastic change. I think if you really want to lose weight, you’ll need a lifestyle change. But if you find yourself constantly overeating or having a binge fest, this can potentially help you. I found that I could take one, and about 10 minutes later eat my meal and not over indulge. I could feel myself getting fuller faster, and not having to finish my food feeling overstuffed. I did try this as full meal substitute, and I didn’t have success with that. I felt hungry after 15 minutes. The best results for me were when I ate it before eating a meal.

If you want to try MealEnders, I would recommend it. I never felt like I was harming my body, or feeling jacked up like some products can cause. Again, this isn’t a quick weight loss product, that requires lifestyle changes.

I hope this helps anyone looking for an alternative product to help reduce appetite that is more natural than most out in the market today.

DISCLAIMER: All reviews are my own. Product was supplied by Fit Approach, Sweat Pink. MealEnders did not endorse me for a product review, nor did Fit Approach.


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