When Life Changes

Last week I posted how I was going to have my highest mileage week ever. That didn’t happen. And I am not upset about it. My life has been going in so many wrong directions, nothing with my marriage or my work, just my family. I lost another family member, my uncle last week. Tuesday was the day he was admitted to ICU, Saturday he passed at hospice. Tuesday as I was leaving the hospital and walking to my car, I almost lost it. I was so angry. Mad at God, disappointed that my family was going to be put through this pain again, 7 weeks to the day after my Papa passed. And as I was about to scream, this gorgeous sunset captured my mind instead. I felt this overwhelming sensation that everything was going to be ok. I couldn’t be mad, my uncle has suffered from pain and cancer for the last 10 years. This was a sign that he would soon be welcomed back with my Papa and feel whole again. This one beautiful sunset just clicked for me.


It is strange to find beauty in a parking deck at a hospital. Saturday when our family had the chance to say our good-byes and see my uncle one last time, I was heartbroken and happy. When my Papa passed, it was sudden. I mean, he was talking and then stopped. He suffered a major heart attack that took him in a second, my uncle however had to depend on machines and nurses for his last days. I personally think it is much more difficult to say good-bye when you are watching your loved one suffer and know they don’t want this.

Tuesday at my Granny’s as we were browsing through everything, I snuck into my Papa’s room and found a photo album full of pictures. And I found this one. This one made me so happy I couldn’t let it go.


Love at first sight. I miss him daily.

This is the first time I am typing all of this up and it is very emotional. Memories are flooding me and it is hard to pick one and cherish it for a brief second. I was never ready to type about my Papa, but now I am stable enough to share. And I’m glad I can, it is healing.

Now to to happier things! This is a new week, but in the sadness of last week, there were some pretty funny and random things.

Like somehow when you tell the people at Starbucks that your name is Brooke, they write Jerry.


Or is that Lerry?

I got some new member swag from Atlanta Track Club. I finally renewed my membership and this year we got hats. Cool beans, I love running hats so this made me extremely happy.


And finally I couldn’t wait to post this. I loved the commercial from the Super Bowl about #likeagirl

The moment on social media is so awesome and inspiring. I couldn’t wait to partake and share my photo!


From my Instagram (@brookenebel)

#likeagirl : I run like a girl; strong, determined, never-stopping, and never giving up. I can run with pain, joy, and happiness all in a single run. I cherish my trophies such as tan lines and bad feet, along with the medals that I hang up for everyone to see. I run like a girl.


2 thoughts on “When Life Changes

  1. Nikki @ The Pink Growl says:

    Love your run like a girl picture! And I always love a good Starbucks name fail! Mostly, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through and what you’re family has been facing. I know that’s a tough struggle and those things are so hard to understand. So happy that you were able to find some solace and peace in that sunset! Sometimes it comes from the oddest places, when we need it the very most. Lifting you up in prayer friend! XOXO

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