Half Marathon Training is Hard The 4th Time Around

I’m training for my 4th half marathon, and this training cycle is a tad more difficult than the previous 3. I have no idea why. I was running great and smoothly during my marathon training, not feeling extremely fatigued when running double digits, but trying to tackle 4 miles outside about killed me. I think I am too used to my treadmill. I’ve been running on it all month. Seriously!

Last week I had my hardest training session, it was speed work. You know, the devil. I somehow managed to not quit at all during this! It felt somewhat difficult, but easy at the same time. I was thrilled. I just need to keep this up!


1 mile warm up; 12 X 400m (at 9:41 pace) with 400m recovery between, 1 mile cool down = 8 miles total at 11:17 pace.

I finally ran outside Sunday, but that didn’t last. I was up for 8, and after 2 miles I was like, “I want to finish at home.” Zach told me he’d do whatever I wanted, so we headed back. But I’m glad we did, I was starving and the headwind I ran back in was cray cray. I somehow managed to keep a quick pace while running with my whole body hunched so I wouldn’t get blown away.


8 miles easy, average pace of 11:23. Garmin miles were 11:10, 11:25, 12:03, 10:43, .35 at 10:33.

This week will be my highest training in miles EVER. I hope, I seriously hope I don’t bail on any of them. I’ve been doing that lately. I’ve been swamped with exhaustion, and taking time to rest and be lazy. Which is probably why I’m struggling right now. But I am running faster, I am running more comfortably thanks to adding some extra strength training from Katie (shout-out!)

I will try to blog a bit more with this training cycle. Remember, I’m using the Hanson’s Marathon Method. I guess running 6 days a week can take time to get used to, but I am loving the system of training.



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