Yes, I Still Have a Blog and I’m Back

Well. It has been a month exactly since I’ve posted anything. Why you ask? I got hit with bronchitis and couldn’t run until I was better. Not only did I suffer from massive coughing fits, I also developed laryngitis so I couldn’t talk either. If you called the salon, more than likely you talked to me and couldn’t hear a freaking word I was saying because I had no voice. You’re welcome.

IMG_1365I haven’t really ran since I received that very well earned piece of run bling. Oh memories of defeat, how I loathe you. Since its been 4 very long weeks of zero running, I finally got to run this past Sunday. For reals it felt like Christmas morning. I struggled, I wanted to quit, and yet I didn’t. Sounds like I went for the big double-digit numbers which are my fav, but nope it was 3 miles. I feel like if I can run a solid 3 miles, I’ll be ok. Am I alone on that?


Average pace of 11:26, splits of 11:47, 11:22, 11:11. I’ll take it. It has been 2 days and I am hella sore. Like OMG, wtf?! I need to not be sore because Thursday I’m starting this,


WHAT?!!!! Is what I’m guessing you’re saying. No, I’m not running another marathon until 2016. I decided that about 2 weeks ago. Next year I want to focus on my half marathon times and have not one, but two PRS for 2015.

Goal for PR #1: April with a time of 2:20 or less

Goal of PR #2: October/November (haven’t decided which race I want) of a time of 2:15 or less

To achieve those times, I took to the interwebs and found a more realistic and reliable training method. I will not be having a coach for 2015, I didn’t necessarily have the result I wanted with my marathon, so other outlets are worth a try.

The Hansons Marathon Method really stuck out to me. I’ve read the whole book, which by the way is amazing, and I am super stoked to run with this. Now yes, I know it says “marathon” well, I like the approach of the mileage since higher mileage is my favorite, and when it comes to running another marathon in 2016, I’ll know if this method works. Because duh, if I can reach my PR goals for a half, I’m sure I’ll beat my marathon time. Ideally the next marathon will be the Disney Marathon in January 2016. That is the next one I want to run.

Training starts this Thursday and I’M. SO. EXCITE. I like to have a race ahead of me, otherwise my running is pretty non-existent. So get ready y’all, loads and loads of hot-mess run #selfies are coming your way.



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