I Needed a Break and Monthly Recap

I took almost a whole month from blogging. I was beginning to get burnt out on trying to post on every weekly recap that included a really long run. So much was happening that I was completely worn out by the time I was supposed to write something.

Well it is still the same, but I do feel the need to post how I’ve feeling with a week away from my first full marathon.

I am so pumped. Seriously, I cannot wait to start that 26.2 mile journey to receive some race bling and wear it around my neck all day. I look forward to the joy and achievement, along with the struggle. I know there will be good miles and bad miles, but I’ll take them all because I’ll be in a marathon.

For the past month I’ve swayed from my training plan. I’ve completed most of my long runs and that is about it. I’m just so tired. Honestly, I am exhausted. I decided that if I’m this tired that maybe I should take the breaks I need in order to be fully rested to run 26.2 miles.

I was up for 17 miles on 10/5, and my stomach started to act up that I only made it to 14.6 and guess what? I was fine with that. I have become fully aware of how my body feels during this training season that I know when to stop and be ok with it. I ran the miles in 3:08:02, a slow average pace of 12:53.


My next long run was on 10/18! Yep, that is kinda a long stint of some high mileage. Work got me, so life did get in the way and that is fine. I still managed to run 18 miles in 3:48:07.


This was a STRUGGLE. I ran out of fuel, and my mom called me at 16.91 and I began to cry. I hit the wall, I was walking so much from miles 15-present and I wanted out. My mom was like, “You’re doing great! You made it so far, don’t quit now. And you still need to get to your car, so just walk otherwise you won’t get home.” True. I literally cried walking to my car, I did it. I couldn’t grasp I did it. I drove the mile to CVS and ate all of this…



On 10/23 I was up for 20, my last long run. I couldn’t do it. My stomach was chaotic. I switched my breakfast and started really late, but after 10 I couldn’t handle the pain. So I called it quits. 10 miles in 2:06:05, average of 12:33.


You know me, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. In which I did.  This past Sunday I went at it again, this time feeling amazing. But alas, the 20 miles didn’t happen. The heat climbed up rather quickly, so I was being smart and didn’t want to die so I made it to 14 and was thrilled. 2:56:44, average of 12:33 again.

Now that I have only 3 runs left, all small miles (8-9 Sunday, 6 Tuesday, and 3 Thursday) I am literally giddy that this is almost over. I get to sleep in on Sundays, I won’t be eating every thing in my house, and my body gets a break. But I have loved this journey. Yes, I will definitely do another marathon eventually. I’ve learned what I did right and wrong with this, which is why I love training. You always learn something.  So that is my monthly recap. I can’t believe I’m this “-” close to being a marathoner. I’M SO EXCITED!




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