Marathon Training and its Hardships

I’ve posting so late on this. I’m sorry.

But I’ve been struggling with training in the past 2 weeks that I seriously questioned my will to run my first marathon. I felt over my head and way overwhelmed. I had my first non-car induced anxiety attack this morning about my 15 mile long run that I’ve postponed by 2 days…now it’ll be a full week until I have another long run next Sunday.

So these two runs are from a while back.

But each one was great! So at least there is something great to share.

photo 2

Passed this on one of my 5 mile runs. I don’t know, it just struck me as beautiful. I’ve going to go on a limb and say this is from one young couple in the middle of young love. Probably more like lust, but I loved seeing it. You never know what you come across on the Greenway.

Like this.




photo 3

First off, I am proud of myself for getting this picture. Secondly, I used my iPhone focus and managed to not scream in public. That sucker was HUGE. I’m talking like silver dollar size. Ok, enough of that. I saw this while running a portion of my 14 miles last week.

photo 5

I can honestly say this was great. Proud running moment! Negative splits. AWESOME. And I ran with my new hydration belt, I’ll be sure to do a post on it. I needed something with more bottles. But it leaves me with some serious sweat stains.

photo 4

What running in Georgia’s humidity looks like. All that sweat was from my belt, but I’ll deal with it as long as it keeps me adequately hydrated.

photo 1

My first run in the new Wave Inspire 10s 2 weeks ago. I broke them in with 13 miles…and yes, it did kinda hurt. But my other ones were ready for retirement. But I always run past this “mark” at the trailhead, and it looks just like a running shoe. Well I finally managed to snap a photo. And apparently I’m the only one who thinks it looks like a shoe.

So marathon training is hard. I mean, really. I thought I’d be more upbeat about it. But as I’m getting more into high mileage, I’m realizing that it is exhausting. I do love running, and I’m incredibly proud of myself for taking on this challenge. But I’m thinking once I’m done with this race, I might stick with half marathons for a while. And I get that I’m saying this now, I haven’t even ran my full yet. I’ll probably be so elated that I’ll see which one I want to do next, but I’m working my way around all this exhaustion. Working 6 days at 40+ hours (you awesome people doing this with kids plus full time jobs are AMAZING 🙂 while running 20-30 miles a week is a lot. But I’m learning. I’m making mistakes, crying, getting hurt, and then I’m falling back in love with it. Because a sane person would never do this for fun! But having these days off have really helped, minus my anxiety attack this morning. I am however ready to tackle this beast and be done with it…because I’m running out of food in my house that I constantly stuff my face with. Just saying.



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