Marathon Training Week 5

Last week was week 5 of my marathon training, even though I’ve been running since May for this. That doesn’t sound weird at all, right? Anyway I ran one time. ONE TIME AGAIN last week. I had work plans both Tuesday and Friday mornings which are typically 2 of my 3 running days. Wednesday I had the option of running, and instead I slept. Normally I’d be upset about it, but this time I seriously needed it. Working 6 days, being on your feet for either 5 or 6 hours, then running pretty far can definitely wear you down. So when I missed a run last week I seriously could of cared less.

So… last Sunday I tackled 12 miles. 1-2 miles. And that was it. I missed a 6 miler, and a 8.5 mile speed work out. Oops.

I woke up extremely excited. Because I’m a crazy person. I mean, no sane person would wake up feeling giddy about running for 2+ hours to conquer 12 miles. I ate my unusually large breakfast, the one that consists of 750 calories and got ready.

By the time I got to the trail it was hot. Not too humid, but seriously warm. Grossss. I’m SO over summer. I took a pre-run selfie.

photo 1

I look prepared. That is an i-Fit hydration belt, which I like, but the bottles are too small. I have to fill them up a couple of times during my longer runs. Also my HeadSweats visor which I seriously wonder how I ever ran without it?! And a hot mess bun.

I remember feeling pretty great the first 8 miles. I was drinking plenty of water, had enough fuel in the form of gels, and even took a minor break to fill up my bottles and stretch a bit. Oh and take a mid-run selfie.

photo 2

I’m a little too jazzed here. I think my body expression is, “This run is fantastic and I’m feeling awesome, I love my fuel belt, I love my Garmin, I love my iPhone, I love the sun, I love this giant sweat mark all the way across my abdominals…” That expression quickly, and I mean quickly disappeared.

Around mile 9 my feet were throbbing. I ran in my white Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s which are close to death and the moment I started running my feet kinda ached. For the past couple of runs my feet bothered me. I knew I’d have to retire these shoes soon. Just didn’t know it would be on this run that I would break up with them and cry. I literally could not step any more. The thought alone to run was killing me. The pressure was so painful that I had thought of crawling the rest of the way. 3 miles on hurting feet is a lot to handle.

But alas I finished. I was 1.) close to my car and 2.) already walking just in my socks. I quit crying at this point and was ready for my famous post-run selfie. The picture that captures the essence of my glorious run and how crazy I look. This one wasn’t terrible, I overall felt great the entire time. My body was tuned well and my fueling/hydration system worked. It was just my feet that bothered me. I was thrilled with my time, only 22 seconds past my goal of 2:30. If I hadn’t walked for a bit I could of done it, but I was still pumped.

photo 3

I stopped at a CVS to grab post-run goodness. I found a new drink that is great for those with lactose problems. I am working on getting more protein in my system post run, but I am incredibly lazy at it. So anything is better than nothing.


Oh and I grabbed this delicious coconut water that has pineapple so its drinkable. Getting those natural electrolytes back in my system is crucial after a long run. Otherwise I will cramp like a mofo. And that is no bueno.

I also got filthy while running. Which is strange to me because I was running on concrete and broadwalk… and yet ended up like this…

photo 4

I so wish that was a tan line. But sadly it is not. That is all dirt. I was baffled. I clearly needed to share this with everyone, but first sent it to my mom who said, “GET IN THE SHOWER!” which is what I did…after taking a mini photo shoot to capture my last run in my Mizunos.

photo 5

It was a great 265 miles. I already have my next pair which I broke in with 13 miles on Monday, but they are ready to be donated. I take the inserts out and put in SuperFeet’s and then once the shoe is finished, I put the original insoles in and donate them at local races.

So that was my week 5 in training. One run of 12 miles. BOOM!





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