Marathon Training Week 3 & 4

Technically last week was week 4, and the previous week I only ran twice so I’m going to include that one run because it was epic.

No, not really. I ran 10 miles on the treadmill (week 3).

photo 2

It was a “get it done” moment and I had just a small window of time before Zach and I went to see his mother at the hospital. Plus it was raining and the trails wouldn’t of been ideal to run on. I ran for 2 HOURS on a freaking treadmill and was dying. Mentally I was golden, physically I was sweating buckets because they had 0 fans and I never felt air conditioning. I was drenched and icky. And very “fragrant.”  I never got a chance to head out to finish my 6 miles but I did get my 8 mile tempo run in. It wasn’t great, I finished it in 1:32:00 and average pace 11:30 (w/u 1.25 miles, 7 sets of 5 minutes @ tempo pace, followed by 3 minutes walk/jog, c/d 1.25 miles).

Weekly mileage 8/10- 8/16: 18 miles with average pace 11:47

Last week (week 4) I had 11 miles, 6 miles, and 8-9 mile speed work. I have highs and lows from each run. My worst was the 11 miles, the best the 8, and 6 miles was ok.

Sunday I ran 11 miles, and failed. Not really, but I failed in my mind because I set myself up for disaster. Like only taking 1 Gu, not drinking enough water before heading out, and not enough calorie consumption in the days prior. I also started out a tad too late because it was steamy as all get out when I started.

I did have the best Gu ever though,

photo 1

I cannot get enough of this flavor! It was so amazing. Like I said I brought one. Just one for 11 miles. And I took it at 5.5 miles thinking that’d carry me to finish. Nope. I felt tired from the beginning so by the time I took it this, it was far too late to get some energy. But I think any calorie intake is better than none in a long run.

photo 2

Average pace 12:43, I am getting slower and slower. Which is fine, I’m more into covering the distance than worrying about pace. But in the winter I am aiming for both. I finished and almost immediately starting cramping up. I could hardly drive home, my calves were on fire from pain. I stopped at a gas station to pick up chocolate coconut water and some apples. I needed something quick. Once I got home I was still cramping, but nothing a little compression sleeves couldn’t handle. I swear, those babies are life savers.

So remember how on my last post I showed that picture of my sock with a blood stain? Well I felt pain from miles 4-11 on one toe. I knew when I finished something was either 1) blistered or 2) completely gone. When I got home to look I noticed first, my sock and then I just lost it. I don’t know why I immediately freaked out but I still hadn’t seen my foot yet. Poor Zach had to deal with me (BTW I was also crying because my run was bad and I thought I sucked, etc. so this just was the icing on top of my crazy cake). I took the sock off and BAM. Bloody toe, but no lost toenail! Yay! I’ll spare you the photos, but I did send it to my mom and dad proclaiming my first ever marathon training toe scare.

I needed to run Tuesday, and I set out to but I started at the trail and at .5 miles I heard thunder so I hightailed it back to the car.  I opted to run this one on Saturday. I’m going to skip Friday’s and go into Saturday’s and then back to Friday’s. You’re confused and I’m sorry.

All I can say about this was it was ok. But holy crap it was HOT.

photo 4

photo 5

Friday I had speed work. My least favorite. I don’t mind running fast, but I don’t find it enjoyable during the summer when its like 1000° outside and I’m required to run at a certain pace for a certain amount of time all while trying not to die.

My workout called for warm up 1.5 miles, 50 minutes @ hard pace, 1.5 miles cool down. I broke it down differently because I knew it was hot and that I wouldn’t make it through if I didn’t change my game plan. So I ran 50 minutes hard, then 3 miles slow. I told myself technically I’m running quick for 25 minutes and just turning around. It helped A LOT. When I started the weather was steamy, I’m talking dew and humidity to the max. It was 74° and heat index feeling of 81°. Lovely. At my first 25 minutes I followed this group of super speedy women and I kept a 9:36 pace the entire time. With running that fast I got a little sweaty. Enough to cause my Garmin to freak out and die for about 10 solid minutes before I got it to work again. I was livid. I had cooled down enough that I knew it would be a struggle to get back to pace for my finish. However, the temps kept rising so I managed to knock out the second portion at a 10:30 pace. Once I got back to the trailhead I was more than ready to run some easy, slow miles. It worked out perfectly. But I was done, 100% by the time I finished.

photo 3

I was glad this happened the way it did. I hated it, but loved it. I enjoyed feeling fast again, even for only a short time. I know I could try to keep up some speed, but honestly I’m not feeling it right now. My goal for this first full marathon is to finish. Finish strong and with a smile on my face, I don’t want to burn out. And I definitely don’t want to burn out in training. Like all things I’m learning as I go, maybe on the next one I can train at a quicker speed, but for me and for right now this is perfect. I couldn’t be more thrilled of my progress and how much this training is changing me. I’m learning to endure pain and mental toughness. Even if I don’t run another full marathon, I can honestly say I am loving this right now.

Weekly mileage 8/17-8/23: 25.1 with average pace 12:03



One thought on “Marathon Training Week 3 & 4

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby says:

    Well done!!

    Yeah, I’m getting slower and slower with my long runs too – but I had to drop the pace down as I was going way too fast for long run purposes (6:40’s/km when I should be more like 7:40) – my goal for the marathon is to finish it and stay uninjured – speed will come with time

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