Random Photos

I needed to clear out my albums on my cellular device so I thought it’d be a great time for another random edition of phone dump.

I have 5 amazing photos for you (more like some ok photos 😉 )

photo 2

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5


1. I literally LOL-ed when I saw this e-card. Could not be further from the truth.

2. Legit science and truth. I’m not a cupcake quitter.

3. #storyofmylife but more like EVERYDAY WE WEAR BLACK.

4. My first bloody sock from a long run. I freaked out and cried (will be in my next post) because I was too scared to see if I lost a toenail. I’ll let you know later if I did.

5. I chopped my hair off! I freaking love it. It is so nice having fresh hair, especially when your good friend does it for you.

Any rando things happening in your life? Please share!


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