Hot Week in Running

It has been super hot here in the peach state. I mean like, get up at 5 AM or you’ll die by 7AM kind of weather.


photo 2

photo 3

Yep, that is a tan line. I was only out for 45 minutes! I’m really pale to start with, and I did have sunscreen on. So I was shocked when I was like, “hold the phone, is that a … OMG! I tanned. You’ve got to be joking.” I love a nice golden glow, but not with some gnarly weird tan lines from a racerback top. However, I do love my badges of honor from a runner’s tan.

And do you see my glistening shoulders? I was gross.

photo 1

See? 45 minutes outside and that happened. And I did start really late, I kinda got lazy and wanted more ZZZ’s and probably paid for it in the end. Oh well, I will learn eventually.

If you’re running in some hot temperatures be super careful. RunJunkees has this great chart to help with preparing for summer running.


I know I get super frustrated with myself when I see I’m running much slower, but I also know that warmer temps mean slower times. And that is ok, it will keep you safe from heat exhaustion. I know in fall/winter my times are killer, but in summer they’ll be A LOT slower. I mean, a lot.

Always bring water with you too! Even running for just 30 minutes, bring something or run by a route that has water fountains available.

What tips do you have for summer running?


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