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Sweat Pink Product Review and How I Love Vega Protein

To begin with, all things stated are my own opinion and I was not paid for this review. I submitted an application to have a chance to review with this brand and as stated, not endorsed.

photo 4

Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador has some pretty awesome perks. There are numerous chances at being selected to do product reviews. Within the last couple of months there has been great products to pick from. When I saw Vega, I literally emailed like lightning and submitted my application. The next day I received my “congratulations, you’ve been selected…” and patiently waited for my product to come in. We did get to select which product we wanted to try, and I’m very picky about recovery powders so I was hesitant to try it. But I was so intrigued! I saw it so many times at Whole Foods, so I was like give me that one.

photo 1

When my package came, I was thrilled to see the vanilla flavor in the box. I prefer vanilla flavors since they mix well with other flavors. I received a full-size box with 12 packets of individually measured protein powder. Not too shabby I think. I then was debating when to try it. I know, I just got free product and now I couldn’t decide when to test it out. I knew I wanted a pretty intense workout and give it a try. So that is what I did. I literally waited a full week for my most intense speed workout to test it.

I made a smoothie with some tropical fruit, strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, and Vega Vanilla Recovery Protein. Verdict? Freaking delicious! The flavor was so satisfying and rich, but refreshing at the same time. The texture was slightly grainy, but manageable to drink. Texture is always a thing with me. Like I said, I’m picky.

photo 2

My next try was with some almond milk and just the powder. Again, amazing! I drank it within a minute and felt so great afterwards. My energy was up all afternoon and I wasn’t crashing or eating everything in sight. I was pleasantly full.

My next hard workout came from running, and the weather was super hot. I literally felt dizzy getting home, so I walked into the kitchen threw my ingredients together and made the best smoothie. Pineapple and mango with vanilla is the best combo ever! I was refreshed. I was coming back to my senses, and most importantly, I was getting replenished and rehydrated with protein.

photo 3

I am mostly shocked that I really do enjoy this protein powder. However, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Vega is a plant-based product line that is gluten-free, animal protein free, and all plant-based protein that is more easily digestible that animal based protein. Plus it is free of any nasty, fake ingredients. I highly recommend this to anyone. If you are on a vegan diet, you’ll appreciate this brand. If you’re into more natural recovery, this is for you as well. The whole Vega line is full of snack bars, drink mixes, and everything delicious under the lights of your grocery store.

Thank you to Sweat Pink for allowing me to try this great product and thanks to Vega for letting us get involved and introduced to your brand. #fuelyourbetter with an amazing brand and even better product!



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