I Broke Up With My Running Shoes

On March 29 I had a brilliant race until it turned bad and it was because of my shoes.

I knew something had to change.

I broke up with Brooks.

I did cry.


I’ve been in the Brooks Adrenaline since the 12s. I managed to rock those babies until they were done at over 300+ miles. Then went to the 13s after a bad situation with the Ravenna (130 miles on those and I still got to return them!) and so naturally I wanted the 14s. I mean duh, I love the shoe.

However, with many miles slowing adding up I was beginning to hurt. Solely in my feet (get it?!) and I was getting more blisters that sidelined me for days. When the blood blisters occurred I had to rethink my problem and the cause. My arches would be so tight and sore, I could barely walk in the mornings. Running was causing so much pain I would end up walking majority of my distance.

With barely 70 miles on the Adrenaline 14s I took them back. And OMG was it hard. I was literally heartbroken, this was my shoe. As a runner you become very attached to things that make you a runner. For instance, your favorite race outfit, using a Garmin, a lucky handheld water bottle, or compression socks. Your shoes are your shoes. And there I was handing them over barely worn and hardly noticeable that they’ve ever be ran in (ok not really, there was like a lot of dirty marks on the lining). But before this occurred I needed advice on which shoes to get. Let us backtrack.

The last time I ran in them was here: March 29, 2014

photo 3

And I ended up with a bad blister, one so deep it had burst, formed another one underneath it which busted as well and a third tiny blister was forming.  I was willing* to give up my shoes and find something better, something to not try and kill my feet. (*Zach was insisting I get new shoes, he was tired of me getting hurt and chronic blisters)

Zach and I went to Big Peach Running Company (who BTW are fantastic!) and found out a lot of information about my ill-fitted Brooks, the problem I had with my biomechanics, and my feet.

First off, with my running shoe history the shoe guru was shocked at my shoe selections. My weird looking feet graph supported that I had high arches, but my visual arch looked normal to medium. My right foot bore more pressure than my left, and my running gait looked like I needed a a neutral shoe on the left and slightly supported shoe on my right. All this added up to my issues with my right foot. Plus, come to find out that my new Brooks were not fitting me, they were too small and tight even though it was the same size I was purchasing before. And I was running in a high stability shoe. Something not necessary! I WAS SHOCKED.

After picking my jaw off the treadmill, we went over and ran in some different shoes and brands. I leaned more towards the support than neutral only because I wanted something for both feet that wouldn’t cause damage to the other. Best option was supported shoes. After I ran in about 5 brands and models, I fell in love with one.

photo 2

Yep. I’ve crossed over to Mizuno.

photo 3

Wave Inspire 10s. I LOVE them. Hard. Not only are they incredibly light, they are just the right amount of support I need and want. I did go ahead and get some Superfeet blue insoles because I just love them, but they didn’t really need a fix.

Currently they have 21 miles on them. I haven’t been running a lot just because I’m lazy. <—Seriously! And I have a half marathon Saturday!  But for all the runs I have done, they are just too good for words.

photo 1

My first run in them was to test them out in which I did 1.5 miles on the track. I felt so great that I decided to add some speed work and busted out my FASTEST MILE EVER!

photo 5

That is how light they are, I swear I felt like I didn’t have shoes on!

Of course I’ve had some leisurely runs and I love them just as much. The shoes have changed my game.

photo 3

I’m not in pain, my arches don’t ache, and not a single blister has crept up. Its hard to say if I’ll go back to Brooks. I was Brooks Adrenalines for life! but now I don’t know. They were seriously hurting me. And that can turn a person on using that brand again. But it was also my biomechanics, not just the shoe. A lot of factors go into play when it comes to running shoes which is why people need to get properly fitted for their shoes. I had no clue that this edition was too tight and small for me, I guess Brooks switched up the model more than I noticed. Whatever it may be, I am a sucker for these beautiful Wave Inspires. The cushion is perfection, the weight is unbelievable for such a supported shoe, and I really like them.

Which is why I had to return my Brooks. The end of a relationship is the beginning to a new one. And this one is looking pretty sweet.


Have you ever broken up with a shoe and fell in love with another?

Whats your most favorite running shoe ever?




4 thoughts on “I Broke Up With My Running Shoes”

  1. My first running shoe was from Rebook, but in January of 2012 I put on my first pair of Brooks Adrenalines, and so far I’ve loved them. I’ve not had problems with blisters or anything though. I’m glad you found something that worked well for you!

    1. I seriously love the Adrenalines! Just the 14s did not agree with me. But thankfully I’ve got something to keep me running and running pain free! I’m glad you love the Brooks! They’ll be my first shoe love forever.

  2. i tend to alternate between brooks and mizuno. i’m currently on a mizuno kick too! i’m in the wave riders. love. it’s interesting because when i first started running they fitted me into some serious stability shoes, i think they were even called stability plus :). now, i’m almost completely neutral. it’s all so subjective about what feels right. i’m glad that you found a fix for the problems and are back to enjoying pain-free running!

    1. Thank you Dawn! I’m so glad too! Yes I love Mizuno. I never thought I would switch, but the feeling of pain-free running is too great to go back!

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