Run the River 10K Recap

I had a 10K last Saturday, Run the River 5K and 10K,  on March 29 and in the end I did manage a PR. But that is the best thing out of it.


Did I enjoy it? Yes, I absolutely love the course! Its beautiful and fast. You run along the Chattahoochee River and see some gorgeous mega homes. Plus its a smaller race, which means less running traffic and everyone is pretty much in the same game as you, just finish and finish fast! They do offer a 5K as well. And the local police officers are very friendly and will keep you safe and generally yell at people doing anything wrong.

It started out raining. Bummer. I highly DISLIKE running in rain. I did it for my half marathon, and although I managed a PR in the race I also suffered a major blood blister. Thankfully, this whole race went on without any weather issues. The rain stopped about 10 minutes before the start and never came back.

photo 1

I had the best cheerleader, my mom. This is her second time watching me race, and even though she only got to see me start and finish, I loved knowing she was there! <—yep, there is not really places for crowds to cheer you on.

I tried taking pictures during the race but they didn’t even look like anything so I deleted them. You’re welcome.

The worst thing happened at mile 2 that made me walk at mile 4.

Freaking ass blister!

In the same freaking spot that developed one on Tuesday. FML.

Emotionally I was upset, physically I was hurting and I didn’t know what to do. I knew the cause, my shoes. I have been suffering from this problem for close to the entire time of wearing them. Which will come up in the next post.

I still managed to PR with walking, I wanted a 1:04 or 1:05 and had I not walked I could of done it!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

I love this race. I really do. I am running the same course but in another race this June. The cost is fairly cheap, $25 for both distances. In June I plan on crushing my previous times.

Overall I’d rate it at 8 out of 10. The benefits are too great to pass up! Plus it is a certified course.



2 thoughts on “Run the River 10K Recap”

  1. Hey, I just ran across your blog. Congrats on the PR in the rain!!! That is no small feat. And with a blister?!? You are pretty much ironman. I ran my first half marathon in the rain and it was completely miserable. I was also completely clueless and wore a cotton hoodie. It weighted 100 pounds by the end.

    1. That’s incredible in of itself, to not chunk that heavy hoodie! 🙂
      Thank you! Yes the blister situation seems to always creep on me in long runs and races, but I’m in new shoes that work way better!

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