What is Up With My Running

I have 3 posts planned for this week, that is more than I published all last month. Blogger of the year over here!

Today’s is mostly what was going on in my past 2 weeks of running. The other two are practically this: some shit went down with me and my running shoes and a race recap.

Where to begin first…hmmmm….? Well I’ll just add a ton of photos for you! Enjoy.

photo 1

I went to my first group run at our local running store, and we did a great 3 mile loop, however my Garmin and GarminConnect said two different things! I was shocked as crap to see the results on the computer, I knew we were pushing it just a little bit, but talking and running hills at this pace without stopping is a win for me! I’m going with the GarminConnect at 3.10 miles at 9:57 average pace 😉

photo 2

I went out a little hill run since the weather was so freaking nice! Then it got cold again and I hate this cold weather. Bring on the hot, humid summer weather! But this felt good.

photo 4

Scary town USA. Threshold. No bueno. I will admit that I was highly scared of this, first I hate anything with the word fast/hard and I had to keep up a 8:49 pace or better for each minute. I was super duper slow on the warmup, trying to delay the actual workout.


First minute at a 7:49 pace, I was like “@#$!?!” But I got below the average pace I needed, and then I got tired at minute 3 and the final minute with a 9:39 pace. I did actually like this…and would love to do it again. And I worked out hard y’all. No joke, makeup running down my face.

photo 5

Hard core.

And then! This popped in my email inbox.

photo 3

Woohoo! My first PRR and I can’t wait to run it! The world’s largest 10K and I’m kinda scared of running along that many people, definitely not a PR race for me, just a fun enjoy it race.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles. I DID NOT ENJOY THIS.

photo 5


photo 4

Why did I not enjoy this you ask? Well at my turnaround point, I was faced going uphill. No biggie, I hate hills but I’ll suck it up and do them. Unless my arch starts to throb. And I develop a blister. A reoccurring situation that keeps coming up in every single run. I’ve been suffering with this for a while with my Brooks Adrenalines and I’ve finally found relief (details on another post). But I suffered through this run with a popped blister and arch pain on my right foot, and was thrilled to be done. That was the best part.

And I leave you with this.

photo 1

I have this mantra on my RoadID and I swear by it. Whenever I struggle, I remember this. I love running, I love having that time to myself to do something I truly love and feel no life pressure.




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