Running Lately

I have slacked majorly on doing blog posts about my weekly running and I am sorry.

I will at least try to be better, I won’t promise but I will try!

Last week my running was very inconstant, all in thanks to the weather. It was snowing like crazy and everything was iced over. I don’t have proper shoes for that kind of weather, and I was stuck at home so no treadmill was available <—as much as I hate them, I really want one.

Before all the weather issues, I ran 2 miles on Sunday (2/09) in 20:11, average pace of 10:06. I was actually impressed. Because since my half marathon my legs have been feeling really heavy on all my runs.

photo 1

That Tuesday (2/11) I ran another 2 miles in 21:11, average pace 10:36.

photo 2

Thursday I was literally running out the door to get away from my house. I was dealing with severe cabin fever for only being stuck at home for 2 days.  There is no way I could deal with that for more than 2 days. I ran 1 mile. The ice had not fully melted at that point, so I just tackled one mile in the snow and ice.

photo 1

Valentine’s Day I ran at night. So romantic! No, Zach was adjusting his car at work so I decided to run. I got 3 miles in, and yep they were hard. I took 2 breaks and was seriously doubting myself. How does a person run through more than 3/4 of a half-marathon and not be able to run 3 miles?

photo 3

Tuesday (2/18) I ran 4 miles. No photos because I honestly forgot. However, I felt good during this run, at least on the first half. Overall time was 41: 32 with average pace of 10:23. It was warm too, so it felts amazing!

Then I had jury duty on Wednesday and Thursday and I could not wait to run Thursday afternoon. The weather was in the 70s! Seriously! I was so pumped, I headed out to my favorite trail which I haven’t seen in forever thanks to all the snow and ice, and I ran 3 miles. Again, these miles felt so hard. Honestly, my shins were on fire. My hips and thighs felt so heavy, I just wanted to be done. I dislike those type of runs where you want to enjoy it, but it feels almost impossible.  My overall time was 32: 19, average pace of 10:46. My splits looked good too, 11:16, 10:40, to 10:20 and yet my average pace was still pretty slow.

photo 4

I have my longest run since my half tomorrow. I have 5-6 miles to run and I am already having doubts. But I will definitely put in my best effort. I just need to do it without breaks.

Sad news time. I am retiring my Brooks Adrenalines GTS 13 at the end of this month. They have carried me through all my half marathon training and through my half marathon. They’ve got a little over 300 miles on them and I can feel its time to quit them. But I will be saving them because they are limited edition and I am a shoe hoarder.

photo 2

How is your running going lately?

Are you struggling with your miles?

Do you have heavy legs after a long race?


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