Via My iPhone Pt. 2

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photo 2

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photo 5

1. All the beautiful snow we had just LAST WEEK. So gorgeous, however so brutal in keeping us trapped in our home.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day to my hot and sexy hubby.

3. Zach does track days with his M3 on certain race courses around the South and this was at Road Atlanta. Saturday the track was so cold that no ones tires were warming up enough so a lot of people wrecked their cars. Thankfully, Zach did not!

4. I have to be strapped in like a child.

5. The harness is crazy ridiculous and highly uncomfortable, but its more safe than a regular old seatbelt (in this track events).

6. All the cars in one of the groups on Sunday. Zach did not go out this round because he was instructing his student driver.



2 thoughts on “Via My iPhone Pt. 2”

    1. They are! However, nerve-racking at the same time. But I enjoy watching and occasionally riding along. The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend! Can’t wait for more sunshine!

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