Critz Tybee Half Marathon Recap

Saturday I ran my half marathon with confidence, motivation, and a blood blister.

Brilliant run.

Lets back track, Friday Zach and I drove down to Savannah for the race expo. It was the worlds tiniest race expo. However, with that no lines! 😉 Friday night I attempted to sleep. Didn’t work. I listened to a drunken fight that was at Wet Willies and I must say, it was some funny shit. I was tempted to record it. Our hotel was at the race’s finish line so I could sleep in a little and we wouldn’t have to drive to the island so early. <–recommend for any traveling races!

Now when I checked the weather, it originally said cloudy with no wind. Then it said rain, then no rain, then just cold. So it was cold. And I brought only a singlet. Fail. I went to TJ Maxx and got a light pullover that was moisture wicking. I will openly admit that yes, it is dumb to wear something new that you’ve never ran in before and it not being the first time at your race. BUT it totally saved me. No issues. Best $15 spent. After trying to sleep, I finally passed out around 3 or 4 and my alarm woke me up at 7. I had my oatmeal cooked in a hotel plastic cup, and my first water in over 2 days! That is shameful. I was dehydrated. Oops. I had normal race morning jitters, couldn’t eat my breakfast or get the water down, but I managed to force myself to do all those things and finish getting ready.

When I walked outside it was soaking wet. IT WAS A DOWNPOUR. I watched the 10K runners come into the finishing lane and all of them looked like they jumped into the ocean. I started to freak out. I never ran a long run in the rain. I only ran a couple of times in a fine mist of rain. I talked myself into just forgetting it and enjoying the race. It worked until I was at the start line with Zach and the rain shifted and the wind picked up and they were delaying the start for some reason. Happiness was slowing drifting away.

photo 5

Also, before someone freaks: my phone is in a Lifeproof case. It is completely waterproof so it was safe to carry the whole time. I like holding my phone so I can easily take pictures, text, and change my music.

I kissed my hubby goodbye, told him I’d text him, and I was off. In a slow walk to the line then a shuffle until I was able to move my legs like normal. I had a goal in mind, finish either under or at 2:30. I could average to a 11:27 pace the whole time and still maintain that goal. I started out too fast. Typical. Mile 1 @ 10:51 in the rain and wind. I was kinda tired, but it was mentally. I was a total tourist while running. I looked at everything! The hotels, the beach houses, the kitchy restaurants, like everything. Then I started taking pictures.

photo 1

My photo taking while running skills have improved. This lighthouse is iconic for Tybee. Had to take a picture. After this however, the rain really picked up and I couldn’t focus on anything else besides me running and not slipping. I ate PowerGels at mile 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11. Only water at mile 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. At 1:10 I was at 6.5 miles and feeling strong. I was steady and actually enjoying the race. When I passed 8.5 I was in the zone, I was running further than my training run and mentally strong enough to keep up without walking.

Until mile 9.68.


He is pretty great 🙂

I knew, I knew something was wrong with my right foot. I felt this before last June after my 10K. The horrifying feeling that your foot is bleeding out into your shoes and forcing you to stop and walk and cry. It was unbearable. But I was going to be damned if I didn’t finish running. Yep, I started to run/walk up to mile 10.3.

After 10.3 I was mentally crying and physically ok…minus the foot. I kept telling myself, only a 5K left. It helped until I started to slow down. Surprisingly I was ok with going slower, I wasn’t walking. And I was still in my goal time. I told Zach the last 2 miles (duh, there is a huge picture above this) and something great happened at mile 13.

I had a shot of beer.

photo 2

It tasted heavenly. And was refreshing. Thanks to the Pabst Blue Ribbon guys (who were dressed as beer cans and ran the half too) who gave us beer to get us to the last .10 of the race!

I rounded the corner and bolted. I was so close! I blew Zach a kiss when I saw him, the same thing I do at every race he is at and threw my arms up when I crossed the finish line.

Official time 2:25:40.


photo 3

Trusty Garmin with the wrong distance and time. Its cool, I still love it.

photo 5

I was cold, wet, and starting to get super sore. But damnit I could not get that grin off my face. I  finished 5 minutes under my goal!

After walking 50 feet to our hotel, I had 2 flights of stairs to climb (horrible idea) and then it was time to check my foot.

WARNING, WARNING! It is bad, and gross and bad. Scroll super fast to get past it.


30 minutes after showering and then Saturday night. I couldn’t walk, so I properly drained it. Immediate relief! Its bandaged up nicely now. I now know wet socks can cause this to happen.  After showering and getting clean, I did put on my compressions shorts and we went to get lunch and I hogged the bench at Chick-fil-A. Got some strange looks because I guess no one else sits like this at a food place.

photo 4

And finally I iced all my sore spots and managed to fall asleep without pain. Kidding! I’m still sore.

photo 1

All in all, it was great race! I had a blast. I fully trusted my training and my body. The course was flat and fast. The only downside was the latter part when you ran through a neighborhood out and back. But it wasn’t terrible, just kinda eh. Crowd support is great! I’m sure if it wasn’t raining more people would of showed up. But the event itself was a great half marathon. I loved it! Definitely recommend for all runners.


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