Snow Hell

Here in Atlanta we are under lock down.

Not even joking.

This is a tragic situation. People are still stuck and stranded on our interstates. Without food, water, gas, blankets, etc. Children are without food, babies without formula and diapers, and elderly without medication. We had children stranded on school buses all night, many slept at their schools to insure they were safe. Thankfully, all the children are safe now.

Typing that is just depressing. I had a break down around 2 this morning when I just couldn’t take it anymore. So many innocent people just without help.

I never made it to work  because our roads were starting to ice. Zach left work at was in traffic for 7 hours and couldn’t make the last 2 miles because our roads were too dangerous. So he like many others walked home. I did met him so he could have an actual coat and gloves. I literally ran to him and cried. I was just too thankful he was in my arms and safe. My mom finally arrived home after 13 hours. They were all home and safe.

Unlike a bunch of others who are still trapped.

I am posting this so those of you around the country and world can please pray for us in the South. States are shut down. The South is crippled right now. Our cities are paralyzed from weather.

Shelters have popped out of businesses like Home Depot, Target, some gas stations and churches. Strangers have opened their homes for those needing shelter and food.

Please pray for us!


4 thoughts on “Snow Hell

  1. Noelle Bakken says:

    It seems so terrifying! I think a lot of people in the Midwest scoff when they see the havoc that 3-4″ of snow wreaks in southern states, since that’s a fairly average day for us in winter, but there’s a lot of ignorance about the lack of infrastructure in the south to actually *deal* with that kind of weather. Glad you guys are safe – I’m sending positive thoughts to the south.

    • Brooke says:

      Thank you! It is terrifying! Thankfully people are getting rescued, but it’ll be days until the roads are clear of cars and ice. People are getting food from strangers. We get crippled from ice, not snow per say but they didn’t prepare properly for this magnitude of problems.

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