How I Cured My Skin

**I’ve been asked about the procedures I had done last summer to help my acne, and I never had the courage to actually write this post until the end of my sessions. I’ve had it saved for months and I’m finally publishing it. And yes, some of this is disgusting. BEWARE.**


Clear skin to be exact, is the biggest issue I deal with.

I highly dislike what I try to conquer each morning with makeup. It isn’t severe acne, and I know some people are going to think I am being whiny and all that jazz. But I have a HUGE insecurity when it comes to my appearance. I feel like everyone, and I mean everyone is staring at my acne and its so nerve racking.

Lets back track to high school. I never had bad blemishes, like one or two every now and then, but nothing to panic about. Even though I would panic and cry and beg my mom to call Proactiv. Then, the summer going into my senior year my skin just decided to give me a lovely dose of acne that would last months. No lie, it took a full year for it to get under control. I was mortified every day. My dermatologist was speechless when I arrived at his office to show him how drastic my skin changed in two months. I was put on a strict regimen that did work, but it took months. And I couldn’t cover it up because my skin was so dry that makeup would flake off my skin. FLAKE OFF! GROSS. However, around April my skin was viola, clear. Before graduation, I was so happy.

Since then, its been clear majority of the 6 years since then. Stress, hormones, diet, and testing out product has caused havoc at times. Welcome to life, right?

But now, my skin is going through another bad bought of acne. This time its adult, hormonal acne that is cystic and hurts. And stays of months and months. Then leaves a mark that won’t leave.

Plus, my skin is the strangest combination. Sensitive, oily, and acne-prone. So many different personalities just on my face.

I  went on a major product haul and bought different cleansers, toners, moisturizers, spot treatment, and even new vitamins and supplements. And guess what? It didn’t work. Instead, the vitamins and supplements made my acne worse, the products helped the tone of my skin and nothing else. I still had acne.  Even though I had acne, I was able to cover most of it but the texture of my skin was seen through the layers of NARS Sheer Glow foundation. Now, when I say I had acne, again it isn’t a severe case. My acne in these past couple of years are strictly around my jawline, chin, and mouth and occasionally around my nose.  I had enough acne to make my self-esteem drop. Thats never good.

This summer I had the best opportunity ever given to help treat and clear up my acne. I never hesitated on the chance. I was in line for chemical peels and laser-phototheraphy. And honestly, I was scared. Was I too young for this? (no)  What would I do when my skin is falling off and I’m at work? (no one really noticed) Will this effect my running? (yes and no) With all this in mind I was still on board.

For my first appointment I went in fresh face and thinking we were doing a consultation to figure out what we were going to do. I found out that I did not have severe acne…not even moderate acne, simply mild hormonal acne. I got loads and loads of amazing skincare and I thought we were done. Nope. I was mistaken. I was laid on the table and getting my skin washed with the most heavenly smelling scrub and then I felt a sharp prick that honestly made a tear develop.  Extractions. Yes, it is as painful as it sounds. But I had to get rid of current acne infections so the process would work properly. After the multiple extractions (on all my cystic acne by the way) it was time for the actual chemical peel. I’m sure you’re wondering what it felt like, and it actually wasn’t terrible. It stung slightly, but I had a hand-held fan and it only lasted about 10 minutes.  I left the office with my face turning the color to a yellow high lighter. Terrified I wondered into the sun searching for my car and my face felt like it was on fire. I had bumps still oozing and massive mounds from where they were picked.


Some new acne, and a lot of post acne hyperpigmentation.

The first night I was so scared of washing my face that I barely did. The next morning, I looked like I had a little tan and super shiny skin. The third day, my skin was beginning to shed. And it wasn’t terrible. By the forth day I was freaking out. Everything, and I mean everything stung the shit out of my face. I would be crying while washing my face. The thought of applying the sunscreen would make me cringe. I had to put ointment that is used on burn victims on my face. However, it would end in about 2 days and I would be fine. The actual peeling wasn’t what I thought it would be. I had sessions every 3 weeks and by the third one I was so accustomed to this process that I didn’t even think it was painful. Then the laser was brought out. That hurt so bad. Little stings all over your face. But it was the last step in breaking up my hyperpigmentation so I knew things were ending soon.

When all this process was over I was shocked. My skin was smoother than ever. I didn’t have all the purple and red spots that were left by my previous acne. My skin was completely clear. And I was so thankful for the chance to do this. I had compliments on how much better my skin looked, how radiant it appeared. I didn’t have to wear so much makeup.  I wasn’t living behind my shield to conceal my face.

It has been months since I had anything done. And yes, I would do it all over again. I still get the occasional acne that is from stress and what not. I don’t freak out over it anymore. I use products that are not targeted towards acne. I try to keep my skin clean as much as possible. I managed to use every single ounce of the SkinMedica product that I was given, and I must say… I love their line. I used the Sensitive Skin Cleanser, the Facial Cleanser, and the 15% AHA/BHA cream. That was it. And its kept my skin clear. I have added some new products into my skin care regimen, like the Aveda Skin Toning Mist (I swear by it) and new moisturizers, currently I am using Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Cream morning and night. In the warmer months I use everything oil-free or just when the weather isn’t so drying.

Here is a picture of my skin today.

Photo on 2014-01-13 at 16.31 #2

I encourage anyone who is suffering from acne to contact a dermatologist and find out what regimen will work best for you. I know it is silly to find self confidence in your appearance, but for me I do. I believe anyone can correct any self-insecurities with the help of someone.

*All of the products that were used during my procedures were by SkinMedica, including the peel and at home products.

Thank you for reading.


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