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1. What happened after running only 4 MILES on a treadmill, I turned into a sweaty beast. It was so hot in the gym!

2. Christmas gift from Zach, the Nike Fuel Band in rose gold. I’m officially addicted to it. I love seeing my points and checking at the end of the day to see how many steps I took and how many calories I burned.

3. The coldest temperature this whole winter season. Feeling like -9°, nope. Not liking that. Ready for summer!

4. 4 chilly miles. Temperature was 33° with 12 mph wind gusts. And I did hill work, it was brutal. Random splits from this run, 11:10, 10:25, 10: 42, 9:56

5. Speedy dusk run the other day. 10:33, 10:00, and 9:55! Another day of hill work. And I crushed it.

6. Surpassed my Nike Fuel points by 1,000.

7. 5 miles yesterday before work. My favorite paths were all under water so I opted for a new outdoor track that was wonderful. 10:55, 10:40, 10:40, 10:33, 10:32 <—finally getting better at maintaining a constant, steady pace!

8. I run … to eat sweets. And be the shit.

WHY DO YOU RUN?! Tell me in the comments 🙂


8 thoughts on “Via My iPhone

  1. candies & crunches says:

    Nice post! A quick question, how do you like your Garmin? Do you by any chance know if it’s waterproof as well? I’ll be doing quite a few obstacle races this year and need a nice watch with GPS. I’ll apreciate any kind of feedback.


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