Lucky Number 7

I am loving this distance. Can you guess what that might be? (hint hint, title of post) and you guessed correctly! 7 miles has become my go to number for long runs. I absolutely love the distance. Its more rewarding than 5-6 miles. Soon enough it’ll be jacked up to 9-12 mile long runs, but for right now I am enjoying this comfortable 7 mile phase.

The first time I ran it, it was a day after I felt like complete poop. I mean, it was like ughhh. I ran 7 miles in  1:20 and average pace of 11:27. No bueno. Did I mention that was Saturday of last week? No, because I tried it again the following day. Bad I know, but I didn’t put enough effort into the run to have it even count. So I went in Sunday with the mind set of “it can’t get worse than 1:20” and you know what? It didn’t!

I had a blast, it was hands down a truly amazing run. I had the biggest endorphin kick of my life. I started out slow, as usual to warm up, then managed to have negative splits the entire time. I think it was because at mile 5 this woman who I am calling “angel from above” came running by at a similar pace, and I decided to have her as my pacer. A total stranger. She not only got me to a way better time, she was incredibly kind when we finished. I told her she was a great pacer and I would totally run with her anytime!

photo 1

My stranger pacer.

photo 2

Hell of a lot better! I managed to beat the time given by my running coach.

11:08, 10:51, 10:44, 10:35, 10:27, 10:26, 9:56 <–say what?!

Saturday I ran again, this time wanting to either a) have same time or b) beat it. Plan b is always better. So I went in wanting to beat my previous time.  And I totes did. I didn’t even want to run, I wanted to stay home and sleep because I was exhausted. Sleep and warm bed just sound better than cold and running.

I am so glad I purchased a pair of fleece lined running tights. Can I just give props to whoever thought this was a good idea because whoever you are, you are so right! I was cold pretty much the entire time, but I did take my gloves off at the half-way point. I got weird looks as I tucked some gloves into my pants. What is nice about the half-way point is there is a park with heated restrooms. But I cannot get the water fountains to work! I must look dumb every time I try to use them. This long run was over so quickly. I wanted it to last forever like Sunday’s run.

photo 3

Fleece tights, I love you.

photo 4

Vest, definitely worth buying!


I shaved 2 minutes off my time! Huge grin has been on my face all day. I find it funny that I didn’t even want to run, and yet I had the best time overall and enjoyed it the most. Well maybe, I wish the lady who paced me was there again. Nonetheless, I am extremely proud of myself for getting this done!

How is your training going? 

Are you running indoors or outside during these winter months?

What is your favorite cold weather running gear?



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