Overdue Training Report

I completely lost track of time and realized I didn’t do this before our Virginia trip.

PS. I am currently watching Teen Mom 3 and I cannot stop laughing. The fighting is priceless, for real, you’re 18 and think you have the answers to life?! Please. The one who keeps fighting with her boyfriend who just cheated (Alex),  but I would be in her face too. Her mother is trying to get the baby out of the way, but she is like screaming in front of the baby at her boyfriend to take care of her and get her…while fighting..? And she can’t let go of her boyfriend while she keeps saying she hates him. And, can she not talk normally? Must she scream, yell, and cry all the time? What. Safe sex y’all. It prevents babies.

Sunday 10/27/13

I ran 3 miles, no pictures. I honestly don’t remember anything about this run. Oops.

Tuesday 10/29/13

I ran at home, in the dark for 2.5 miles on hills. HOT miles! I don’t know what happened with the weather, but oh it got warm.

photo 1

photo 2

Hill work. Run kill.

Friday 11/1/13

5 miles. 5 mentally hard miles. I went in feeling awesome, but something changed the moment I turned around at 2.5 to head back. I just could not keep up. I know not all runs are magical like a spotting a unicorn, but this was just not normal. It is either from stress, work, or lack of sleep. But I was just over it.

photo 3

Run Happy. The scenery was beautiful though, which distracted me. Lets just take a moment for those shades. I was running and my beloved Gucci’s fell. They didn’t break, but I was scared for my favorite pair of sunglasses so I went to Kohls and found these babies for only $4! Score.

photo 5

So pretty.

Also, I like to go to work in my dirty, smelly clothes and chill with my salon family.

photo 4

They love me 🙂

So in total it was a very short run week. Total miles 10.5 miles.

I still have one run left for this current week and I’ll do my post tomorrow. I also have a race tomorrow! I’m so excite!

How was your training week? 

Do you watch Teen Mom? 



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