No-Spend November Challenge

One of the first things I have problems with is money.

I love to spend it.

If the word SALE is involved, I’m all over it. I just can’t help myself. Last month I tried my hardest to save as much money as I could, but it didn’t happen. I found ways to justify my spending. The weather drastically changed, which meant I had no clothes suitable for frigid temperatures. So what did I do? Buy jackets, boots, thicker sweaters, and running clothes for winter.  Have I already worn these pieces? Yes. Multiple times? Yes. Was it needed right now? Some things, no, but others yes, especially the running clothes.

But a lot of people see those as excuses and not justifiable reasons. And I can see that too. I didn’t need a whole new wardrobe right now, but I got suckered into the sales and using my credit cards. Damn you Target and Kohl’s. But I now have a challenge for myself, and for you if you need to save the bucks.

For the month of November, I am only spending money on:

  • gas
  • student loans
  • credit card payments

If I spend money on anything that is wasting money, I cannot run. Period.

Stupid spending = no running

That is terrifying! But I have to get better at saving. Otherwise I’ll always be broke. And being broke ain’t no fun!

Will you join me? Make the punishment something you really can’t live without. You need your Starbucks? Well if you spend money on something that isn’t seriously needed, then no Starbucks for you.

Helpful tips:

  • print a calendar <<I got mine here>>
  • mark the dates you have due dates
  • circle days you get paid

Let us see how much money we can save! Join me in No-Spend November 🙂


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