Phone Dump

Random photos from my phone, enjoy.

photo 1

Heading down to Savannah, picked up an educational read for the road trip.

photo 2

Spongebob Square Pants 2 is filming in Savannah, so on our trolley tour we saw a bunch of things similar to this. “Clam Cafe” was right near my friends wedding cake boutique. It was so cute to see Broughton Street all Bikini Bottom-ed 🙂

photo 3

More Spongebob takeover. Too bad we couldn’t be extra’s. Cause I’m totes extra.

photo 4


After a stressed filled day, I drowned myself in white wine and the best ELLE magazine ever. I think Melissa looks AMAZEBALLS on this cover, nothing to get upset about. Besides, she made a statement saying she picked the jacket. And aren’t models supposed to make us want to buy clothes? (Thats what Tyra Banks says) and I do want this jacket. Immediately.

photo 5

Last night I went to my first ever food truck dining experience. I loved it. Best thing was people watching. The food was awesome as well, I will be dreaming of the beet salad I had at Happy Belly.


4 thoughts on “Phone Dump

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks girl! It was a long process, but I just love the ombre trend. Definitely do it! 🙂 Omgosh, I loved the books! I read both in the weekend we vacationed.

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