Weekly Training Tell All

I am trying to get this done fast, The Walking Dead is back on RIGHT NOW. I’m so excite about this season, so many unanswered questions! So if this is a little all over the place, now you know why.  Plus I’m in our old town of Savannah. Blissful vacation from Zach for my birthday and belated anniversary present.

Sunday I ran in the neighborhood, it was ok. I tried to be super quick again, and I didn’t. I was faster, but not that time I ran 2 miles in 17:51. I ran 2 miles in 21:05 with an average pace of 10:23.  I was gross and as Zach said,  smelly afterwards <–he didn’t tell me until way later as I was laying on the couch.

photo 1

photo 2

I think it was a good run, it felt really good to just breeze through it and not be dying afterwards.

I refused to run Tuesday. It was my wedding anniversary duh. I was not stressing about getting in a run, so I took that day off.  I opted for Wednesday. I also opted out of running with my Garmin again. I swear, I depend on that beautiful gadget too much. Its still one of the best presents Zach got me.  Highly recommend one!

Wednesday evening I ran with the Run Keeper app. I somehow started it with the cycling program…? In the end I had to delete my whole workout and manually input the information. But excuse my language, I had a damn good run. 2 miles in 20 minutes with 9:48 average pace. Heck yes! Sadly, no cool post-run pictures. I was a tad lazy.

Friday was my longest run yet, 3 miles. I was insanely nervous. I honestly don’t know why, but I was fearful something would go wrong. I kept telling myself that if I felt like taking a break to check up that would be fine. I started out on the trail again, the weather was so perfect. I felt like this would be a good run, and if not I would be ok because there is always another run. Trust me, my running coach is more than willing to let me know! I started out slow and steady, not trying to be in a speed race. I hit mile 1 in 11:06 and felt fine, not pushing hard and just cruising. I kicked it up a little and ran mile 2 in 11:01. I stopped at mile 2 due to a mini panic that something hurt. And it didn’t. I was just worried that all this was going too good for something to not happen. I really picked up the pace and pushed the last mile in 10:33.  Overall pace of 10:55 and I was proud. I finished and it all felt so good.

photo 4

photo 3

So weekly milage of 7 miles. If I was really cool I’d bust out a 25 mile run on my 25th birthday tomorrow, but I’m not that great of a runner to be running super high-marathon miles. One day, I will though!

How was your running report? 

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?! Daryl is my favorite.



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