Weekly Training Recap

I wanted this to be a “Silent Sunday Run Post” but something pretty awesome happened last week that I can’t be silent about. I’m jumping right into it.  And I need to remind myself to get these posts up on Saturday and not Sunday when the new week of training starts.

Sunday I ran 1.5 miles, nothing great or bad just an average pace of 10:55 to get the job done. And it was coming off of a hiatus because I had the flu, or something like it. I was feeling like death for a long time.

Ok so on Tuesday I was scheduled for another 1.5 -2 mile run within 15-20 minutes time span. I really wanted to get within the time constraint my running coach gives me so I buckled down and just ran my heart out. I didn’t use my Garmin because I feel sometimes I rely on it too much so I opted for the Run Keeper app.  I forgot I have the audio cues set up and I swear when I heard “5 minutes, distance .57” I was like a kid on Christmas morning. So I continued. I hit 1.5 miles in 13:32. Now, that is well within the time given to me. So I kept going! I finished 2 miles in 17:51. Average pace of 8:56! I literally said holy shit when I finished. It was that remarkable for me.


I would like to think I was this fast because I ate a crazy combination of food. It included nachos, a Clif bar, and a slice of carrot cake.

I also ran in this cute little tunic I scored at Target for $5. I love it when their athletic clothes go on sale!


So Friday was my next run. I knew I didn’t want to get up in those beautiful high miles of 8:56 but I wanted to still get it done within 20 minutes. I’m testing out new breakfast items before a run to get better at just eating something in the morning. Right now I’m just eating 2 (more like 3) tablespoons of natural crunchy peanut butter. Whole wheat bread was starting to upset my stomach so I had to cut it out from my diet. Anything heavily carby <– new word is beginning to cause issues.

I arrived at my new favorite part of the Greenway. And this is always a good sign!


So many people were out Friday morning! A bunch of running groups were out on the broad walk, but I still enjoy to run solo. I literally turned up my music and just focused on running a quick pace. My newest obsession in a running song is Kayne West. I know, do not judge me. Its Black Skinhead, but the beat is sick to get you to run fast. Also Britney Spears Work Bitch helps too (B.Spear fan for life).

Here was the final stat of my run.


Average pace of 9:52, which is still pretty great for me.  I was pumped! It flew by, I felt great. Not even out of breath or the color of a tomato on my face. Its a run miracle.


Yay for great runs!

So my weekly roundup of miles is 5.5 and it’ll get back to my high mileage eventually. Just in the process of knee recovery.

So friends, how was your training week?

And congrats to those who ran the Allstate 13.1 Atlanta Half-Marathon this morning! This time last year I had finished the race and was eating my weight in Which Wich subs and compressing. Good times!



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