Running Recap

Last Sunday, (9/15) was my first “scheduled run” from my coach’s training plan.  However, I decided on Saturday it would be silly to drive to our TJ Maxx that is 1.5 miles away. So I ran there.

And it felt awesome!

I ended up running right to there, forgetting somehow that there are massive hills and almost dying from them. But I got my new running armband because the iPhone 5 is difficult and can’t be like all the previous ones with the earbuds plug being at the top. Geez, random rant. Anyway, it was great, but then came the part having to head back. I was like “self, maybe we should just run/walk and not push it?” and I answered with “good plan, Brooke you’re so smart.” Totes a joke, but its whatever.

So I ran/walked the rest and overall did 3.5 miles in 41 minutes. By the time the day was over, I was sore. I mean hurting all over. Like a normal person, I foamed rolled and I honestly think it made it worse. Sunday morning I ran the scheduled 1.5 miles and it was so hard because my legs were on fire from the previous night’s ill-planned run. FML.

It honestly took days to not be sore. Friday (yesterday) I had my second scheduled run of either 1.5 or 2 miles and I was pumped. I went for the 2 because I like more mileage and I’ll take that extra half mile to make my heart happy.

It couldn’t of gone any better.

photo 4

I was dressed like a crazy person. Bright on bright for the win!

photo 1

Its ok to be jealous. This is the second time I’ve ran on this part of the Greenway and the weather was perfect. Cool and breezy with the sun shining. And check out my skills! Running and taking photos without falling on my face. Its like half blur and half still, because I’m a professional.

I really did just zone out and by the end I was in that awesome runners haze where you’re on top of the world. My time wasn’t too bad either, definitely slow but still faster than previous runs.


Mile 1: 10:56

Mile 2: 10: 47

And who would I be without a post-run selfie?

photo 2

I even got nature debris in my hair. I’m just glad its not bird poop.

Tomorrow is another easy run of 2 miles.  Still struggling with my pace, I want to go faster and really get comfortable with a quicker pace, but then again I’m just trying to get back into running without stressing my knee or causing it to get re-injured.

Well there you all have it. My first real week of running post-injury recovery. It was short and sweet and awesome.

PS. My schedule of weekly workouts are as follows:

Sun- Easy run 1-2 miles + abs

Mon- Cross-training (yoga)

Tues- Cross-training (arms + abs) 

Wednesday- Cross-training/Easy run* (yoga) (*until we add another run day starting the first week of October) 

Thurs- Cross-Training (arms + abs)

Fri-Easy run 1-2 miles + abs

Sat- REST! 



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