I Finally Get to Run


I get to run Sunday.

For 1.5 miles.


I am so excited. And I’m also terrified. Fear can cripple me pretty quickly, so I am trying to be hopeful of this. The thing I’m relieved about is that its not a long distance, its only 1.5 miles. Incredibly small, I know. But when you’re recovering for a pretty icky knee injury you want to take it nice and slow.

My running coach is pretty awesome as well! The plan has been adjusted since I can finally do a squat without any pain. Its now a longer training plan, including a lot more cross-training/strength days. I must include that my favorite workout right now is definitely doing abs. Is that strange? Its the one thing I can actually feel burn immediately and I know its working. I’ve been noticing how much better I am at the routine then I was when I first started. Sadly no rock hard abs yet.

I’ve been recovering for 3 weeks now. My core is a lot stronger, my arm strength is better too, and now I am in shape to begin running again. I can’t wait and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys!

Here goes nothing 😉



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