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I’m Getting Lazy With My Half Marathon Training

Yep. There I said it.

I don’t know what is happening, but I’m becoming less motivated to run as my half marathon date gets closer. I wish it wasn’t true. What should I do to get back in the motivational game?! Help!

So this recap is from the running week of August 11- August 18. (And I haven’t even ran this week so thats sad and depressing.)

Sunday I had 4 miles. Those were the killer 4 miles that ended with heat exhaustion which you can read all about here. Ugh, I don’t even want to recap again because its so scary and honestly makes me scared to run when the weather is slightly questionable. This is during the break and you can see how red and sweaty I was after the first 2 miles.  Oh yeah, and I had my chemical peel done that Tuesday prior so some of my face is falling off. You’re welcome.



The next run was Friday and a big ‘ole 6 miles. Now, the last time I ran 6 miles was back in June. I went in thinking I wasn’t going to be fast, and that I just need to conquer the mileage without stopping and really get into the long run. Well friends, good thing I went in mentally prepared to be slow. Because I was moving a snails pace (for me) and it was way more difficult then I ever thought. My body knew I hadn’t ran that much in so long because I was sore around mile 5, especially in my knees. I kept my head in the game and stayed in each mile before panicking about the remainder ahead. The weather was super nice, and the scenery was great which definitely helped. I can’t run in my neighborhood for longer runs, I will flip  my sh!t looking at the same houses the whole time.


Oh boy, a 12:19 pace…


OMG I’m not dead, but I wish I was… (and thats not a cold sore, its an icky!)

I recovered when I got home, with the best thing since sliced bread!


Coffee+ coconut water = Heavens gates opened and fat baby angels flew down and brought this to my rescue.  I’m cray cray over this stuff! Mocha is my fav, but man this really hydrates and refreshes…dare I say it, it works better than low-fat chocolate milk. Please don’t hate me or discontinue reading my blog for saying that.  Then I had to ice my knees, they were really hurting on the inner portions (or medial if you want to get all technical) so I found the only things we have in our freezer.



Sunday I was scheduled for 5 miles, but I just wasn’t into that idea so I started out thinking I would suck it up and get it done. Nope. I was tired, so I turned my 5 miles into a fun game called Beat a 35 Minute 5K or Die.  Its awesome and you should totes try it.


I felt energized and not extremely tired. I’m glad I changed it up, there was no way my body was going to make it for 5 miles on little sleep and motivation. Sometimes you just have to be smart and listen to your body and make a better decision.

Which is why we are here now and I haven’t even ran once since this Sunday. I know there is no excuse for not exercising, but I’ve been extremely stressed and drained from situations in my life that happened over the past 4 days (its work related) and I get home and crash. I’m sleeping great, but yet I get up and I’m so exhausted the whole day. Not even my beloved coffee saves me. I could sleep all day. I’m taking this as a sign that I am in a serious need of a break. I may run tonight, or tomorrow, or Sunday. I will be alternating my long run for next Friday and the week after, then be back on track.

This was a long post, I’m sorry. I just love sharing every detail with you guys!

How is your training plan going?

Random question, what is the longest mile distance you run during your training plan? 

What is your favorite recovery drink?


4 thoughts on “I’m Getting Lazy With My Half Marathon Training”

  1. Great work with your training – Your post about the heat exhaustion sounded poor thing I’ll never complain about the heat here in the UK again as It’s nothing next to what you guy’s experience.
    I’m not a on a formal training plan, I just compete against myself and am trying to improve my the moment 10miles and it’s allllll over for me 🙂
    Hope you feel less stressed soon! x

    1. Thanks so much Katie! I’m hoping my stress level takes a massive dive soon so I have more energy to run! And yes, the heat exhaustion is brutal! I’m ready for fall 🙂

    1. That’s how I feel too! I can run a certain distance, but I’m not getting the mileage I need in order to better myself for the half. Hope your ankle and calf continues to get better!

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