Weekly Training Report and Whats Going On

So I mentioned before that my training days have changed, which is working out so much better! I’m not nearly as exhausted as before. I’ll take that as a win!

I have my tempo/speed work on Tuesday, long run on Friday, and easy run on Sunday. All in which gives me plenty of time to get up, get ready and actually enjoy my time running without rushing to get home and get ready for work.

I’ve also been running in my PureCadence shoes for tempo and speed work sessions. Still not used to them, but I do like them for the times I need to pick up a lot of speed. Tuesday I ran 4 miles and in my new favorite spot. We have a school connected to our neighborhood and although its an elementary school they’ve got plenty of room to run. Even better, there is a small loop “track” thats exactly .05 distance, so it takes 20 loops to make a mile. Sounds boring and maddening, but its actually really fun. Especially for speed work where you just count the loops for speed and then recovery. Sad news is school is starting and I’m not allowed to run there unless its before 7:20AM or after 6:30PM.  Goal for this was easy warm up, 1600M X 2 with average pace of 10:38 with 800M recovery jog.



Friday was my long run. And it wasn’t pretty. Something was up, at mile 1.75 I had to go home and rest. My stomach was weird, my pulse was incredibly high, and I felt off. So after a bit I walked outside and started running again. Thankfully, the weird sensations didn’t come back, but the remainder of my run suffered. I tried to take it really easy so I wouldn’t have to head home again. And my time was near my training plan goal pace (which is still hard for me to think is ok run that slow) but it took a toll on me for the rest of the day. I was so tired!


Sunday, oh Sunday was a beast of a day. I opted out to run in the morning since I had to be at work at 9 for a client. I was planning on running once I got home around 6. Nope. I didn’t get home until 8 something. I was on my feet for 10 hours. In boots. I still wanted to run when I got home, I didn’t have much light left so I hurried upstairs, got dressed, kissed my husband and left the house. I also didn’t run with music. I had just 3 easy miles on schedule and I was ready to go. I started around my mini loop and after mile 1, I had to expand my route. I ran around the school which 2 loops makes a mile. Also, I really enjoyed running without music. I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to just run. I know thats weird. But I didn’t have that small moment of self doubt, or wanting to quit. I was in-sync with my breathing and posture. It just felt amazing.


Yeah, Garmin died right after my run so I had to wait for it to charge to snap a photo. I am proud of my time too, felt good to just get in my comfortable pace zone. You know what didn’t feel so great? My feet. My heels to be exact.

The next day I was winching in pain, I could hardly walk. Me wearing those boots all Sunday for 10 hours, then running 3 miles on top of that wasn’t good for my feet. Plantar Fasciitis for the lose.  I know I overpronate, and I know I don’t wear the best shoes at work, but dang it’s never been this bad. I didn’t run yesterday because it was still bothering me. I mean, even resting my feet on the couch and not walking they still throb in pain. When I walk, it feels like pin needles digging into my heels. My Foot Rubz has been my BFF in this along with my awesome husband giving me blissful foot massages. Fingers crossed I can get out tonight (if it doesn’t start raining again) and continue for this week of training. But I will be taking it very cautiously, I pinky promise.


Have you been watching Shark Week? We’ve been trying to watch, but I swear its pretty much the same shows as last year. Or is that just me? And when did it become so graphic?! Last nights episode had my stomach turning, I mean I don’t remember them ever showing the real images of these people’s attacks.

How is your running going? 

Are you sad summer is almost over?



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