Training Week, Again

So last week was incredibly long. My stress tank was running over the brim and I somehow managed to squeeze in all these runs. I deserve an award for not attacking anything.

I did attack the pavement. And it felt amazing!

Nothing feels as good as exhausting yourself in something you love. Like I released all my negative emotions with every run, even though they all came back the next day. This was a repetitive thing.

I’ve changed up my training plan (again) to accommodate my work schedule so my runs have shifted to different days and I must say, I am enjoying this so much better!

Tuesday I have my tempo run of 4 miles and it was killer. I, like a bad runner, opted to run in the latter part of the morning. Awesome mistake that made me appreciate how much getting up early really makes the best runs. My splits were warm up at 12:35, 11:20, 10:52, and cool down at 12:12 so average pace of 11:44 (slowww) but I’m happy I took off a lot of time from my warm up to mile 3.


Friday was my long run and the plan has me running exactly 2 minutes slower from my comfortable pace, but it must be for a reason (so I don’t get burnt out like I always do when training for anything) and I was actually trying to stay near it. A miracle must of happened, because I didn’t mind running 4 miles at an 12:02 average pace! Gasp! Like what?! Cray. I’m “supposed” to be at a 13:00 minute mile pace for the first couple of days and although I won’t allow myself to get that slow for me, I am trying to do this as smart as possible so I can *hopefully* run that half marathon at a beautiful pace of 10:54 without stopping.


Can you believe I’m actually following the guidelines of my training plan? Who am I?!

Today, was the easy run of 3 miles that I did with a girlfriend who is always on board to run with me. Even when I’m running slow, which she was all about this morning. We talked mostly about work, which is always fun. She is super cool and y’all would love her. We finished with an 11:57 average pace.

So thats the training week. Short and sweet. I am happy with the adjustments I’ve made to the plan and I’m feeling more comfortable with not having to beat a time on each run. I’m trying to save those runs for speedwork and tempo’s.

How was your training week? 

What do you talk about with your friends when you run?



2 thoughts on “Training Week, Again

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks Jen! Yes, I somehow always have to alter it because my life just gets in the way, but thats why I love training plans. There is always one that can fit into your schedule.

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