Like the Shortest Training Week Ever

So last week I didn’t run a lot. And I didn’t need/want to.

I needed and really wanted more rest. I don’t know whats been going on, but I’ve been physically exhausted since last Tuesday and like its annoying. I am sleeping great too, I just wake up more and more tired each morning. Almost like I’m near zombie-status of how tired/dead I look.

I ran 8 miles. Thats it.

8 miles?!

I ran 4 on Monday, 2 on Wednesday and 2 on Friday. Missed my 5 mile long run. Damn.

Monday’s was quite funny, I thought it would be wonderful to run near the beautiful trail near the river because it just opened back up since it was all under water the week prior. No. Wrong. I could not breathe! It was past 6PM and literally suffocating. I ran one mile in one direction, turned around and ran back. Called it a day, decided to get home and finish the 2 in our neighborhood.

I waited in my car for 15 minutes because this guy decided to assemble his bike, pump his tires, check his seat, drink some water, re-pump the tires, answer a phone call, and practice his pedaling. He saw me walk to my car, get in my car, and turn on my car. But no, he wanted to do all this crap to his bike BEHIND MY CAR!


It may look like I had room to go, but I didn’t. We are right in a 90° angle spot in a one-way parking lot. I was freaking out in my car, I had miles to finish. So I chilled out in the Arctic my car.



Once I was able to escape the madness from the parking lot, I ran the last 2 miles at home. At first, I got into the house and then it was like pulling teeth to get me outside. Zach just laughed at me, I was sprawled all over the carpet. It just felt too good to not move.


Yay, done.

This week has been the same, nothing worthy of a photo. One, I’m having difficulty maintaing an easy pace run without having more minor walk breaks. I get kinda upset with myself, I know its summer and I know its ridiculously hot and humid and its ok to be slower and have to stop to be safe, but I’m having a major problem with accepting that for me. Probably why I’m ok with not running right now. But then I read all my favorite running blogs, and get so pumped to get out in the morning and then I struggle with my own battle of fatigue and frustration.

I have ran only 6 miles this week, 2 on Tuesday and 4 yesterday (a combo run…2 miles of running and 2 miles of walking) before my chemical peel. Which is another reason I’m not running much this month, next week I’ll be out for the count. I am running bright and early tomorrow morning before the sun comes up because I can’t be in any direct sunlight because of the photo-laser therapy session we did yesterday. My skin is looking so much better!

So there you have it, my sad itty-bitty training week(s) and my whine session. You’re welcome.


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