Training for Half Marathon Week 2

Week dos, its over. I can definitely say it was FAR better than week one. For instance, I didn’t hit the wall. Yay.

Again, for this post there are some photos, only like 100. Just kidding (or am I? 🙂 )

Monday I had an easy 3 miles, nothing too great happened. I ran it just under 35 minutes because I was incredibly tired. I also ran at like 6:30 in the evening which by the way, I hate running in the latter part of the day. Just not for me. Although, it was as humid as the morning time, but still a lot hotter and I hated the heat. HOWEVER! I ran the monster hill that is just outside our neighborhood and I ran the whole way up and down and was so happy I could of jumped for joy if I had the leg strength afterwards.


Looks like I caught in a rain shower, nope that was just sweat.

The getting caught in the rain shower was Wednesday. Boy, having a 4 mile tempo run on schedule in the first place makes you want to go fast, but getting drenched makes you run even faster. Throw in some thunder and man, you’re like Usain Bolt fast. I literally ran in the best conditions, just barely misting and wasn’t so freaking humid and nice breeze. Around 2 miles it started to rain, hard. I took shelter in our neighborhood’s club house until it passed which took like 5 minutes. I then started out again and at mile 3 I took my 800 meter “recovery jog” aka my normal slow pace. For reals, like I’m serious (!), right at 3.5 when I was supposed to go super fast the clouds just let loose. I was thrown into a washing machine. I’m pretty sure it started to flash flood somewhere in the hood. I hovered under a tree (because thats safe…?) which was at 3.57 and then I heard thunder. My house was up a hill and I was tired so I ran really, really fast to the elementary school behind our house. Where I waited until the rain let up, but it was thundering a lot more so I just bolted to the house. Pissed off, I waited and once the rain broke I went out the door to finish my .43 as fast as I could. Came in and did almost 5 minutes of strength training, the longest I’ve done all year.


Run kill yet again. I need a tan. And ab work, and a tan. Did I mention I need a tan?

I don’t know if you heard, but Georgia will eventually be under water because it won’t stop raining! It put a huge damper on my training plans so I’ve had to work my schedule around the weather (rude). Friday morning I tried out a new path because my favorite one is under water. It flood easily, which blows. You’d think they’d try to fix that problem, but I guess altering nature for me is too much of a hassle. Have I ever mentioned I’m high-maintance? Ok anyway, I ran a new path and it was fun. Until it was all broad walk. Incredibly slick and slightly muddy broad walk. And that was almost under water too.


Aw, looks so serene and peaceful. NO. I almost ate it 10 times. You can see the river flooding on the edges. And that was the shallow parts. I would love, I mean LOVE to run this path again when its dry. The whole distance is like 6.8 miles (one way, ideal for long runs) and kept hidden from the hectic highway in the distance. I decided to run slow and steady so I wouldn’t fall and bust open my face. For once I wasn’t mad at myself for running slow and walking. I walked for a bit after every time I almost slipped because I was scared. I’m a big baby.

I came across this fun fact.


Running here burns off nachos. Had it been a picture of cake or ice cream or something not so gross I would of enjoyed that fact. Ok, I lie. I like nachos. It kinda made me want some…? :/ Judge me.

When I finished I didn’t know whether I was covered in sweat, rain, or both.


You can kinda see the water outlines. Here is far better pic, and its a tad more disgusting. Just for your viewing pleasure 😉



I didn’t look at my watch until I got home because I was just ready to get clean, dry, and warm. I was incredibly cold for a solid hour.


Meh, an ok run. Definitely not my fastest 5 miles, but I was being super cautious. But like I said, this week was so much better than last week. And I’m still loving my Adrenalines, even though they are slightly staining my socks hot pink. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I am literally sweating pink everywhere. At least in my shoes!

How is the weather near you?

Are you currently training for any race?

Have you ever ran on wet broad walk and almost/did fall?

Random question, are you a Banana Babies or Nutty Buddy ice cream person?                               Zach and I are at odds on the two. I love the Banana Babies, him not so much.



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